Saturday, September 15, 2012

Preschool-Week 2

The boys finished their 2nd week of preschool yesterday. This week is going so much better than last week. Last Thursday, Evan had a rough time, so the teacher suggested bringing in some comfort items from home that they can give him when he gets upset. So, I packed a bag with a blanket, two lovies (from Aunt B) and two pacifiers. Carter was doing great, but I had to have two of those things in case Evan got one, I thought not having something for Carter might cause some problems. Tuesday, when I dropped them off, Evan cried, when distracting him didn't work, they gave him his stuffed monkey. He held onto it for a little while and then put it down and started playing and was fine the rest of the time. Thursday, they gave him his pacifier and he played more than he had the past two weeks--and didn't need the pacifier the whole time. He asked to go to school this week and both boys were so excited when I picked them up.

When I pick the boys up, they are both so excited and try and tell me about their day. They both say "rice" a lot, because rice play is one of their favorite activities there. They talk about paint, dancing, etc. I can tell they really enjoy it.

Both boys love crafts, coloring, painting, etc. Things that we don't do around here a lot, but they're getting to do a lot in school. Everyday they bring home cute, little things they did. I love this part about preschool, I love all the artwork they do. I thought I was going to be one of those parents that would save a couple of things and throw the rest out, but I'm the opposite. How can I throw out any of these masterpieces? Luckily, I pinned some ideas on Pinterest on things to do with kids artwork. I'll have to check those out now.

Here's what they've brought home so far. (the first 3 pictures are sideways for some reason)

Evan talked about this all day. I leave the things on the counter for Greg to see when we get home, and every time Evan saw it, he'd say "Paint!" I could tell he had fun doing this.

Look at the cute apples they made! I love it.
I'm not anti-crafts, but painting and things can get pretty messy and out of hand quickly. Some things just have to wait until they're a little older since there's two of them to handle, but I do let them color and stuff at home. Here's proof. They were decorating a card and drawing a picture that we sent this week.

Tuesday, when I got Carter out of the car, he walked up to two other boys waiting outside and waved and said 'hi", when I got Evan out, he joined them. Carter said something about Elmo and three of them had elmo backpacks on, so they all started babbling something about Elmo. It was so cute to watch, they looked so grown walking up to their friends, "talking" and waiting together while the adults waiting a few feet away together.

Thursday, we got there a couple of minutes early. We're always early, it's either early or late, and I would rather be early. :) We usually get there about 8:50-8:55 and they unlock the doors about 8:55-9;00, so we never have to wait long.

The boys were so excited to start their day at school. I was too, not only do I love it for them, it's so nice for me. Tuesday, I got dinner ready for that night, picked up the house, did dishes and then met a friend for lunch-which was so nice. Thursday, I stayed home and cleaned and was able to get so much done.

I can tell a difference in the boys after just 2 weeks (4 days of school) and I love it. I'm so glad that Evan is coming around. I think we'll only need the comfort items for another week or two. I really think we made the right decision to put them in preschool two days a week at this age.

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