Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Labor Day Weekend

Our Labor Day weekend was spent in town just hanging out. It was cloudy and rainy all weekend, so we took the boys to the mall and the Discovery Museum on Saturday. The boys had such a great time, they played so good this trip. Greg and I divided up since the boys were intrested in different things, so I just got some pictures of Evan.

They played differently this time. I don't know if it's because we've been there several times now and they're starting to discover more things each time they go, or what, but it was so fun to see them playing with all the different things. Carter sat at a table with play food for a long time and did different things with it, Evan matched wheels of the same color together and rolled them down a ramp.

Sunday, we got to spend about half an hour at the Greene County Park (our new Sunday tradition) We had to bring towels to wipe everything down, but the boys had a blast and took great naps afterwards. Evan thought it'd be fun to eat his snack under the picnic table.

Monday morning, it was cloudy and looked like it was going to pour down rain the entire day, but since it was Labor Day, all our fun, go-to indoor places were closed. So, we braved the weather and took the boys to the park. We got lucky and the rain held off until we got done. The boys played for a really long time.

They love climbing things. They want to do it over and over until they get it perfect and don't need our help.

I had to make some cupcakes for the boys to take to preschool and have in the freezer. That way if other kids bring in cupcakes for a birthday, the boys will have some there that the staff knows is peanut free. This was a suggestion from their teacher (who used to be a nurse) and has a grown child with a food allergy. I didn't need to send them with 24 cupcakes, so we let them each have one as a snack after their nap.

It was so humid on Monday that I couldn't get a picture with my Nikon because the lens kept fogging up. I had to use my iphone.

We went to our second park of the day Monday afternoon. It looked so nasty out like it was just going to rain, but it didn't.

The boys love these riding toys. They go back to them over and over. They'll go down the slide, then back to the riding toys.

The boys wanted a snack while we were there. Evan sat down at the picnic table and said "snack". :) So, we let the boys have a small snack and then they went back to playing for a minute and then Greg came up to me and said that he thought Carter wasn't feeling the park anymore. All of a sudden his nose started running and he started rubbing his eyes. I knew immediately that he was having an allergic reaction. There must have been some peanut residue maybe from another person at the park having a snack on that picnic table before them, we're not sure, but somehow, Carter got peanut on him and had an immediate reaction. Last week I took the benadryl out of our diaper back to check how much we had and saw that it had expired. I put it on the list to get and so we didn't have any with us. We raced to the nearest store, washed him off with soap and water in the bathroom and gave him some benadryl in the store. It was pretty scary, but as soon as we did all that he was fine. It seemed to start helping right away. We let them each get a bottle of water and he was happy as could be.

I tried to get a couple of pictures of him after everything was done and fine. He didn't want me to take his picture, him and Evan both wanted me to push the cart away and wave "bye" (It's our little trick in the store to keep them happy) and when I tried to take pics, Evan even said "No! Stop that" and stuck out his index finger at me. So, these are blurry, but this just shows how he looked after he was completely fine and the reaction had stopped. You can see how swollen he got and this was after it had gone down some.

About 5-10 minutes later.

It was so scary. It was the first reaction he's had since last October when we found out he had a peanut allergy. He wasn't having problems breathing, but some of the things he was doing made me think his tongue and lips were affected. I didn't know at the time whether or not to use the epi pen since it's only if they're having trouble breathing. We go back to the allergist later this month to recheck his peanut allergy, so I'm obviously going to talk to him about this. It's so sad to think that a reaction can happen out of nowhere like that. We've been doing all the things we're supposed to in order to eliminate the chance of him coming in contact with peanuts, but we can't control everything. There's a study going on right now that he will be eligible for when he turns 3 that has had a lot of success in reducing the reaction to peanuts. I hope that this is something that works for him and he doesn't have to deal with this forever. Although, Greg and I are still shaken up about this, he forgot about it as quickly as it came on, so I'm very thankful for that.
*I wanted to remember this later if I needed any of this information for his doctor or to compare another reaction*

Besides Carter's allergic reaction scare, I think the boys had a fun weekend. We enjoyed going to the parks, museums, mall, etc. together as a family and having 3 days off. Greg works three days this week and then has another 3 day weekend, so we're all getting a little spoiled right now. :)

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