Friday, September 14, 2012

Playing Outside

The weather has really cooled off this week and we've taken advantage of that and spent some time outside.

We spent a little time in the backyard before dinner one night.

There's no water in the table, but they still had fun playing with it. They used the water table toys to play in the dirt.

Playing with chalk.

Evan loves swinging. .

Wednesday morning, after we got home from Target, I decided to let the boys play in the front yard a little before we went in. I had bought them a couple of 97 cent matchbox trucks, so I opened those and they had the best time playing. They played in the mulch and soil from one of my pots. We were out there for over half an hour. They didn't try and escape or run into the road, they were having so much fun just playing on the porch. And the weather was so nice!! I loved sitting out there with them.

The matchbox construction trucks had moveable parts and the boys were putting dirt in the tiny little bed of the truck and moving transporting it from one place to another and dumping it.

And both boys managed to fall of the porch and into this bush. Evan fell and immediately yelled "I'm ok, I'm ok". haha, that's the first thing that always comes out of my mouth--either "Oh no, are you ok" or "You're ok!".

Carter started doing this and grunting like he couldn't reach that truck on the ground. They are such little actors. I'd say "You can reach it" and he'd bend down and get it.

After Greg got home, I told him about how much fun we had out front, and so we decided to try and see if it'd work again. Greg got the boys bikes out, and got us some chairs so we could watch the boys play. But, the boys thought the chairs were for them.

So, we ended up going to Yoder's and playing for a little while. These pictures weren't taken outside, but they were taken on the same day, so I figured I'd put them on here.

Evan was so interested in this furniture catalog. I remember when I used to give them junk magazines and mail for them to rip up for fun and now they sit and look through each page, gently and then put it down when they're done.

The boys are in between sizes right now, they're too tall for most 18-24 months, but their waists are a little too small for most 2t things. These shorts kept falling down and he insisted on keeping them on. I think he looks like a thug right here. haha.

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