Sunday, September 2, 2012

Playdates and Bikes

I can't believe it's been almost a week since I've blogged. We haven't been up to that much, but I've been trying to be productive during the boys naps. I usually have to choose between blogging/emailing or doing something around the house. This week, I decided to take on going through the boys clothes. It was out of control, I definitely waited too long to do this. There were clothes that were 6-9months. It was quite the task. This is what it looked like before I organized it.

I had a couple of people come over and "shop" so I tried to organize the clothes by size and type into piles on our dining room table. I have some I'm sending to some twin boys who are younger than Evan and Carter, some I'm selling to a mom of 3 month old twins, some that I'm giving to our gym for kids to have clothes in case they mess up theirs, etc. I'll probably still have some leftover that I end up donating.

This is a random picture that I got of Evan some day last week. We were unloading the car and going into the house and I found Evan on his bike with a funnel he found on his head like a hat. Like it was a totally normal thing to do.

We hosted the multiples playgroup this week. There was a good turnout and the boys had a lot of fun.

We finally had a day where it wasn't raining and we took the boys out on their bikes.

Carter did not want anybody pushing him or helping him. He would get very upset if you tried, he wanted to do it all by himself.

The boys played so good this week. They are such great playmates. They do their share of fighting, but it's nice that they're at an age where they play with each other instead of just next to each other.

Never a dull moment with these two.

The boys start preschool on Tuesday. It's two days a week from 9-12. We went by there to bring the epi pens and doctor's paperwork and the teachers sat and played with the boys for 45 minutes! They loved it. We got so lucky to find such a great place for the boys. When we went to leave, I was holding Evan and said "Carter, we're going, say bye" and he said "bye, Mommy" and turned around and kept playing! I was like "No, you're not staying, you're coming home with mommy" and he said "No". haha. I don't think we're going to have any problems with them liking it. Evan even asked yestereday after his nap if they could go to "preschool" He asked a million times! They are going to have so much fun when they go.

We got these cute, welcome cards in the mail for the boys. Ignore my cup of water, I never edit my pictures before posting them. I barely have time to blog, much less edit my pictures or proofread my posts.

We're in charge of snack on Thursday, so I picked up a few things and also got the boys backpacks.

We got our supply list and I went out and got what they need. It was a short list, but times it by two and it added up fast.

It's calling for rain almost all week and for Greg's entire 3 day weekend. :( So, we're trying to get creative on ways to entertain the boys. Hopefully, the rain will let up and we'll be able to get outside for a little bit this weekend. I hope everybody is having a great Labor Day weekend.

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