Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Multiples Play Date

Mondays is our Multiples Play Date. This past Monday, our play date was on the other side of town, so we went by Target and Old Navy on the way. Evan wanted to bring his blanket with him, so I grabbed Carter one and they bundled up in the car. It was a little chilly when we left, so it was the perfect day for them to bring a blanket.

Here's Evan saying "Cheese" See how he squints his eyes when he does it? That is so cute to me!

And Carter with his blanket on our way to do a little shopping. All of a sudden, it's fall and the boys don't have any pants, so I got them each a pair of jeans from Old Navy. (and a couple of impluse buys--the clearance section gets me every time!)

The mom that hosted this week has a dog and the boys LOVE that dog. That poor dog. They pet him, bring him toys to play with (like a truck or block-not dog toys) they hug him, he probably just wants to be left alone but he's so sweet and just puts up with it.

We decided to get a group picture of the kids, we wished we had got one when we first started doing this playgroup. All the kids have grown so much. Each kid got a piece of a cookie to sit on the couch and get their picture taken, turns out, it's that easy to get a group picture of 9 two year olds. Just offer them cookies. See Carter sitting with his hands out smiling and waiting for his cookie? haha.

Getting ready and eating our cookies.

We were able to get all the kids in the picture even though they weren't all sitting right next to each other. I'm so happy we were able to get them all to sit, I feel like that was such an accomplishment!

Carter and this dog. He was more excited about the dog than his friends. haha. I looked up one time and the dog was laying on the couch and Carter was laying with him with his head on the dog's stomach and they looked so comfortable and happy. (I didn't have my camera) I swear, if we were going to be in our house for a lot longer and not planning to move to Georgia, I would have left the play date and taken the boys to the Humane Society and got a dog. It was that cute!!

Evan playing with the blocks, these big building blocks are so much fun.

We headed outside to play the second half of the play date. The boys loved playing in the sand table.

Then, we made our way around back to this amazing playset. Carter is in the sandbox underneath and Evan went down that slide over and over, he loved it.

I wanted the boys to stay awake until we got home because if they fall asleep in the car, they will not sleep when they get home. My plan was to get them some chicken nuggets and fries to eat on the way home, but before I could even get to the drive through-this one was already asleep.

Which is a good thing, because this was what we ran into on our way home--a truck jackknifed and was blocking the road, so we had to turn around and come home another way. Not fun.

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