Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Weekend Recap and TONS of Pictures

It's been awhile since I've blogged, almost a week, so I'm doing our weekend recap to include Thursday-Sunday. I took a lot of pictures and didn't feel like breaking it up into several posts.

Thursday, I gave the boys a little bit of salsa for dipping and after they were done dipping, they both licked the bowl clean. They love salsa. Here's Evan with it all over his face.

Carter scrapping it out with his finger and then licking it off.

Gotta get that last little bit of salsa.

The boys were playing the air vent in the basement like it was an instrument. I love when they're playing together.

After the boys nap, we let them play outside. It was warm Thursday and Friday-high 80's, low 90's. But, it's been in the mid-70's ever since. We wanted to let them get the last little bit of water play done before it's too cold.

Evan wanted a drink from the hose.

I had a MOPs meeting Thursday night, which was so much fun. I brought mini red velvet cupcakes. We had lots leftover and Greg took a container up to the doctor's office I used to work at for them to have. And I gave the boys each one for their morning snack.

I was so happy to see "Manufactured in a peanut free facility" on the back. :)

Saturday morning we decided to try out a new park near our house. It was pretty small and didn't have swings. This picture shows the entire park.

The boys LOVED the climbing wall.

They went down the slides a couple of times, but wanted to swing. So, we headed to another park with swings.

Happy boy, he could swing all day.

After their nap, we went to the Discovery museum. I stuck with Evan and Greg stuck with Carter, so that's almost all the pictures I got are of Evan.

This is the elevator from the parking garage to the museum. The boys love watching through the glass as we go down.

My pictures are out of order a litte. This is another one from the park. Carter now knows what an airplane sounds like (I have no idea how) and he heard one at the park and said "airplane" Actually, he said "Meemee" that's what he calls airplanes for some reason. Before he could see it, and he was right, sure enough a minute later we could see it. So, he's been obsessed all weekend. He loves listening out for them and pointing them out to us.

Back to museum pictures.

Evan loves to build the blocks up and when they fall over, he will fall on top of them.

He's good at stacking them.

The bee exhibit. I think this is why they love bees so much.

We played outside when we got home since it was so nice and here's Carter showing Evan an airplane in the sky.

We ran out to the store and forgot their sippy cups, so in order to do our grocery shopping and not have to go back to the house, we got the boys water and a package of apple slices from McDonald's. They thought they were hot stuff with their cups and straws. They were so good in the store, too.


Playing outside in the yard.

The weather since Saturday has been so beautiful. It's been in the mid-70's. It really feels like fall here and I love it. I really enjoyed our three day weekend.

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