Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Carter's Mountain Apple Festival

Saturday, we went to Carter's Mountain for their annual Apple Festival. Greg and I went a couple of times before the boys were born and we took the boys last year. You can read about last year's visit here (and see how much the boys have grown!)

We left about 7:40am, just a little bit after my mom left after staying for a week. :( This is the first year that they've opened at 8:00, and there were already a lot of people there when we got there. The hayrides didn't start until 9:00, so we just let the boys run around and explore. They loved just being outside and getting to run around. We decided to do this trip the night before, so we don't have the boys in their personalized pumpkin shirts, but I'm going to take care of that this week so they'll have them for our next pumpkin patch trip.

The boys loved the pumpkins.

The cute decorations that they had set up on the deck.

The boys appreciated the fall centerpieces on each picnic table. They just had to check them out.

This is where I thought we could get some cute pictures of them sitting and smiling, but they were on the move and not stopping for anything.

Except apple cider donuts. They had no idea what we bought but they knew it was food and they both sat down so they could get some.

Mmmm.....they loved the donuts.

Apparently this is Evan's "yummy" face.

We were the first ones on the hayride, so we got to get sit for a few minutes before taking off. We sat at the front so the boys could see the tractor that was pulling us.

When we took off, the boys were in awe for several minutes. They just sat and stared at everything, it was really cute.

Then, we let them stand at the front and watch. We were both sitting behind them, so they were fine.

We had a 30 minute drive home and after all the running around the boys did, we had to make sure they didn't sleep in the car on the way home. I brought a knife and apple peeler with me along with some snack cups and was planning on cutting up apple slices for them to eat. Well, while we were picking out the apples, Evan picks one up and takes a huge bite out of it, so of course, Carter does the same. They're used to the peach patch and you can do that there. We got the apples out of the country store, where you don't just pick them up and eat them. Oops. But, the cashier that checked us out ended up giving them to us for free, so that was really sweet.

Evan ate his entire apple and the half of Carter's that he didn't finish. He asks for peaches every single day, and when he saw the apples, he said "peach!" I think he just likes being able to eat any fruit like a big kid. He loves just picking it up and taking a bite.
These pictures were from my cell phone. Carter was so excited when he saw the tractor.  

I put Evan in an orange shirt, not really thinking about it. He totally blended in with the pumpkins. oops.

I love pictures of them side by side. Even if they're not looking at the camera or smiling.

We had so much fun on our first hayride of the season. There's a couple more pumpkin patch/hayrides that we want to go to. They're the perfect activity for us to do. They're outside and the boys get to run around and they're so much fun.

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