Sunday, October 21, 2012

Our Weekend

Saturday morning, we all ended up getting up around the same time. We all snuggled on the couch with some blankets and Saturday morning cartoons. Greg and I usually take turns on sleeping in, so it was nice to have us all up early. We had a few things we wanted to do, so we decided to get an early start.

We took the boys by Dunkin Donuts and got them a few munchkins (donut holes) and Greg and I got coffee. The boys loved their munchkins and they also liked just being there. They liked sitting at the table like big boys, they flirted with the other customers and LOVED the attention they got. It was a great place to go to get them a little treat.

We hit up a yard sale that was put on by our gym. We found some really, really good deals. We don't even need anything, but we just couldn't resist. We got the boys several trucks for just a few dollars and they're big and make noise, so the boys love them. We also picked up a kids vacuum cleaner that wasn't pink--it's so hard to find toy household items that aren't pink.

We headed to the park after the boys nap and let them bring some of their new trucks and planes they got at the yard sale. here's Carter making his plane fly.

There was nobody at the park or playing soccer, so we let the boys wander the field checking things out. They loved the nets and there was a soccer ball on the field that they played with for awhile. They loved for Greg to kick it and them to go get it. :)

Rocks and trucks, our boys are definitely all boy.

Sunday morning, I got the boys dressed in some "play clothes". I got a couple of inexpensive and free things a month or two ago, so they'd have a couple of outfits that they could get dirty in and not worry about it. So, they got ready and we went out in the driveway and I let them paint their pumpkins while Greg mowed the lawn. Evan was very serious about painting his pumpkin and Carter seemed more interested in painting the paper I brought out there for them to use. But, they both seemed to have fun painting and I'm glad we did it.

Carter, helping Evan out.

After they were done, they wanted to go in the backyard and see what Greg was doing. They walked with them up and down that hill while he mowed. It meant that he had to go a little slower and be more careful, but he loved having them tag along. It was sweet they wanted to hang out with him that bad.

Then they took a break. :) You can see our newly painted fence in this picture.

and it matches our deck. We're happy with the way it turned out.

Here's a better picture of the finished deck.

I knew the boys were exhausted from running around when they went and got their chairs to sit and watch Greg mow.

We had lot of idas on what to do this weekend, but they all involved long drives, skipping naps, etc. I'm glad that we just decided to hang around here and keep it low key.We enjoyed the weather and spent some time outside, which makes us all happy. I hope everybody else had a great weekend.

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