Wednesday, October 31, 2012


We had a fun, low key Halloween. We decided not to take the boys trick or treating this year. They're not old enough to know they missed it, so we figured we'd just take them next year for their first time. They'll be old enough to get the concept a little better. We'd have to take their candy away when we got home anyways because so much Halloween candy has nuts or is processed in a factory with nuts, so we don't mind putting off dealing with that part for another year.

I put the boys in their personalized Halloween shirts this morning. I love having a shirt for every occasion. (I actually got their election day shirts today, too.;)

After Greg got home from work, we took the boys to the park to run off some energy. Carter is looking up at a kite that was stuck in the tree. He kept talking about how high it was.

This is one of my favorite pictures that I've taken in awhile. (until you get to the end of this post) but I love that it's outside and shows the pretty leaves and fall weather and that Carter is running. This is what they look like at the park. I'm glad I was able to catch it on my phone without it being blurry.

The boys wanted to go exploring again, so we walked around the whole park, through the softball fields, picnic areas, etc.

Then they found some sticks that they had a blast with, they are definitely all boy!

I got out the candy that we were going to handout (skittles and starburst) and the boys begged me for some, so I let them have a couple of Skittles. To say they loved them would be an understatement, so I decided to use them as a bargaining tool to get the boys to stand side by side and smile at the camera.

They got side by side immediately. it was so funny seeing them in panic mode, they were in a rush because they wanted more Skittles.

This is what Evan does when I say "Say Cheese" "smile". funny is that!?

I love that Carter is looking at him so serious.

Evan is still smiling, he wanted that candy bad.

So, I told Carter he had to smile too, so he squeezed his eyes shut and leaned forward.

And this is Carter's "Smile" face. hahahaha. It cracked me up. I had him do it for Greg when he came downstairs and he looks at Greg and just squeezes his eyes shut. It's so funny.

I got the biggest kick out of their poses. They ended up splitting like 4, fun bags, they loved the skittles. I'm going to have to keep those on hand for bribing when I need it. The boys stood at the door greeting all the trick or treaters and saying bye when they left. Then when we went to put the boys to bed, I put a note on a bucket full of candy and put on the front porch. Greg calls it my "bowl of trust". :)

It's been nice doing holidays low key because the boys didn't really know what was going on, but I think this was the last holiday that we will be doing that. After seeing the boys interacting with the trick or treaters and how excited they were about candy, I think they would have enjoyed it. So, I think they're at an age where they can enjoy Thanksgiving and Christmas this year. I'm excited because I want to do fun crafts and traditions with them and I think we can start some age appropriate ones this year. But, we had a fun Halloween and the boys enjoyed our evening.

I hope everybody else had a great Halloween.

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