Sunday, November 4, 2012

Weekend Recap

This past weekend was Greg's three day weekend. We didn't really do much, but it still flew by.

Friday morning, we took Evan to the doctor about some eczema he has. We were given some stuff for it and some tips and I think we'll have it under control in no time. They loved playing in the waiting room.

After the boys took a nap, we met some moms from one of my moms group at the park. Greg enjoyed talking to the other moms that were there. I usually only meet up with them while Greg's working and I have lots of mom support from my groups, but he doesn't really have any other dads in the area with kids the same age as ours, so it was nice for us all to sit around and talk while the kids played.

When we got home, the dvds I ordered for the boys had arrived. I was so excited! I put The Grinch in immediately and they did not take their eyes off of it. I wanted to sit down and watch the whole thing with them, but I decided to fold laundry and be productive. :(

Turns out, I didn't miss my opportunity to watch The Grinch because Evan is obsessed, we've watched it about 10 times this weekend. Greg put in the Charlie Brown Christmas, but he was not interested, he just wants to watch the Grinch. I'm fine with that because I love that movie. Here's the boys relaxing on Saturday morning.

We took the boys to get their hair cut. We just went to the same place that Greg goes instead of spending more at the kid friendly place. This place has lollipops and stylists that make a big deal over the boys so they are in 7th heaven.

Evan sits in the chair like a big boy and listens so good. He's such a wild child normally, so it's so crazy to me how still he sits to get his hair cut. And he was excited about it, he couldn't wait to climb into the chair.

Carter does fine, if he sits on one of our laps, so Greg held him while he got his hair cut.

The boys got lollipops afterwards and thought they were something! Evan kept talking to all the people in the waiting room, he definitely takes after Greg. As soon as Carter finished his lollipop, he went and watched Greg get his haircut.

I love that they're sharing a chair even though there were plenty of empty ones and I love how they're looking at each other.

So happy.

After Greg's haircut, we took them next door to Sweet Frogs and got them frozen yogurt with fruit on top. They loved it. Lollipops and frozen yogurt for being good while getting their haircut, no wonder Evan was dancing around the house singing "hair cut" all excited when I told him what we were doing. ;)

I had to take another picture of Evan watching the Grinch. He has never been like this with a movie. There's been a couple that the first few minutes, he'll be interested, but he always will play while he's watching one. He sits still and doesn't move the entire time The Grinch is on. He asks for it and as soon as it's over with, he asks to see it again. It's only a 30 minute movie, so he's not sitting too long, but we'll need to take a couple extra trips to the park to make up for this extra movie watching.

Our weekend was relaxing. It was nice not having anything specific we needed to do at any specific time. Sunday went well with daylight savings time, Evan woke up a little after 5:30, which wasn't too bad. We were able to all go to the grocery store as a family this morning because we were all up so early. I made a new recipe for dinner that I can't wait to share with ya'll tomorrow. I hope everybody had a great weekend.

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