Sunday, November 11, 2012

Ruckersville Chili Cook-off

Friday afternoon, we took the boys to the park and saw a sign for a chili cook off that was being held on Saturday. We didn't have any plans, so we thought it might be something fun to go to. So, Saturday morning, we got up and ran some errands. We went by Harris Teeter and Evan had a blast pushing his little "shopper in training" cart. Greg took Carter out in the fun cart that has the steering wheel and he had a blast. We split up and got different things and then met up at the checkout. Handling one wild boy in the store is such a piece of cake compared to handling two wild boys. ;)

He loved shopping so much, he was so cute with his little shopping cart.

After our quick trip to the grocery store, we headed out to the Chili Cook-Off. They had several different types of chilis to try, an inflatable slide, the Bounce and Play train, beer, wine, alpacas to pet, cats, face painting, and a ton of other stuff. Carter doesn't like going up the bounce slides without me or Greg, so Greg and Carter went to try chili and I stayed with Evan. As soon as we got there, I found out my camera battery was dead and I had forgot my phone. I was so disappointed. :( Greg gave me his phone to take pictures with, but I wasn't really sure how to work it and it just wasnt' the same.

There was just two other kids on the bounce slide and this kid that Evan is climbing up with was SO sweet. He really liked Evan and was just so cute with him. They'd climb up together and he'd ask Evan which slide he'd want to go down and then they'd go down together.

The slide is pretty high up, and Evan went up those stairs and down that slide a million times!

After he got wore out on the slide, we went over and rode the Bounce and Play Train. There's 3 train cars (or whatever they're called) and they took you on a quick ride around the chili cook off. Evan loved it.

We spotted Greg and Carter on our ride.

There were 3 alpaca there for the kids to pet. I called them llamas the entire time and had the boys saying llamas and then when we were done petting them, I saw a huge sign that said alpacas. oops.

The SPCA had some cats there. Both boys loved looking at the cats and got the biggest kick out of the kittens playing in their cages. They watched them for a long time.

Overall, it was a really fun event. We were there for 2 hours and we were all exhausted. We all took a nap when we got home. After the boys woke up, we ran to Old Navy to get a couple pairs of jeans for the boys. There was two benches with plastic dogs on them for people to sit on, NEXT to the dogs. Well, Evan saw it and thought they were for riding. I got so tickled when he climbed on top of the dog and sat there like it was completely normal.

They both had bouncy balls in their hands because there's a huge dispenser at the front of the store where you put in a quarter and get a ball. Of course, the boys see that the second we stepped into the store.

We had a really fun Saturday. I think sometimes we get into the routine of parks, Yoder's, and Children's museum, so it was nice to do something different. It was really something we all were able to enjoy.

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