Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Thanksgiving morning, we took the boys out for a ride so we could get a newspaper with the black friday ads. This is my parents backyard, I don't love being so far from town, but I do love how much land they have. It's so pretty!

When we got back, we let the boys work on their Thanksgiving placemats that I got at the dollar section in Target.

We changed them into their Thanksgiving shirs and let them play outside.

I tried to get a picture of them together in their shirts.

Here's Evan saying "cheese" haha, their "cheese" face never gets old to me. I think it's hilarious every single time they do it. I would love to get a picture of them both looking at the camera with a normal smile, but I love catching their personalities even more.

I love Carter's smile in this one.
And then he made his "cheese" face. I don't know why he closes his eyes like that!

The boys are pretty picky right now, so since we knew they wouldn't eat much of Thanksgiving dinner, we timed it during their nap so we could all sit and eat a relaxing dinner. It was delicious!! My parents cook the best food.

After the boys nap, Greg and I made a trip into town to let them play at this really nice park. We weren't the only ones who had this idea, because it was packed! Evan had no fear and went on the big kid part and went down a 3 story slide, several times.

He loved walking on this thing too.

You can see that the boys are no longer wearing matching shirts. Evan spilled stuff all over his, I'm glad I at least got a couple of pictures with the boys in their Thanksgiving day shirts.

There was a huge area to ride bikes and a splash pad for kids to play in.

It took Carter a little longer than Evan, but he finally warmed up and decided to join Evan on the big kid part.

The park already had some Christmas decorations out.

It's such a nice area with a playground, lots of grassy area, an amphitheather, sidewalks, etc.

The sun started setting fast after we got there, so we didn't have a ton of playing time, but I'm glad we got to take the boys to this park at least once while we were in.

Evan is not shy at all, he'll start playing and talking to anybody.

Lady Antebellum donated the park because they're from Augusta. I think that's really nice to give back to the community where you're from.

There was a star on top of this tree and some Christmas lights, but it wasn't done yet. I wish we could have seen it all done up and lit for Christmas.

When we got back to my parents, Evan played with some balloons with my family. He loved playing catch with everybody.

Carter ate a waffle for dinner while Evan played. On Thanksgiving. So sad. Hopefully next year they'll be into turkey, gravy, stuffing, etc.


Evan hitting my dad with the balloons. We would all act like he was attacking us and he thought it was so funny. All the toys my parents had for them there and they're having a ball with a $1.00 bag of balloons.

Look how happy he is!

After the boys went to bed, I had a piece of pie with my family and then I braved the crowds and went to Toys R Us. I had never been there for Black Friday (or Grey Thursday--or whatever they're calling it now) and it was insane. It was nothing like I had ever seen and I've been doing Black Friday shopping for years. I waited outside in line for an hour and then for an hour inside to checkout. I got some great deals, everything I bought was 50% off. I got home about 11:00 and was totally exhausted, but it was worth it.

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