Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Multiples Play Date

Monday, we had our weekly multiples play date. It's been a few weeks since we've been to once since we were out of town last week, we didn't go on Veteran's day because Greg was off, the week before that we all decided to meet at a Bounce and Play instead of somebody's house, so it's been awhile since we've all got together to play. I love our weekly play date and now that we have the dvd player in the car, I don't have to worry about the boys falling asleep on the way home, so they still get a nap on Mondays, which makes me very, very happy. I snapped a ton of pics, I didn't realize how many I had until I got home, but I thought it'd be fun to share them so I can look back and see what all we did at play dates at this age and Greg could get a look at how what all the boys do.

Evan and Carter both got to drink out of a regular cup during snack and thought they were something! They kept asking for more water and actually did really well.

They boys played so well, there was so much to do and I think the boys really took advantage of that.

This is always a huge hit with all the kids. There's spill resistant cups filled with water and the kids get to "paint" with the water. They all love this.

The boys ALWAYS play with this toy, it's their favorite.

Several of the kids painting.

Train tables are always fun. I love the neat train track they had, I can't wait to give the boys the one I got on Black Friday.

The kids played with play-doh.

The boys enjoyed playing with the doll house. It was so big and perfect for multiple kids.

I need to take before pictures of the houses before the kids are let loose, it's amazing how much of a mess the kids can make.

The boys both love dogs, but Carter especially loves this one. This dog is so sweet and patient with them. I thought it was so cute that Evan got down and held his paws. They always offer the dog toys.

Before we left, we headed outside to play a little bit since it had warmed up. We could have spent hours out here. It was so nice and they have so many things to do out here.

Right before we left, the boys got a turn on the power wheels. They loved them! They were really easy to ride and they just needed to push a button on the steering wheel.

I thought I pretty much decided what to get the boys for Christmas this year, but after seeing these, I'm thinking I might have to add them to the list. They were so much fun!

So, that's what a typical play date looks like for us on Mondays. Is it any wonder that they're one of my favorite things to do during the week? The boys always play so good and it's so nice talking with the other moms. We all took a nice, long nap when we got home. Greg actually got home and we were all sleeping. Playing is hard work. :)

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