Monday, November 5, 2012

Catch Up and Today

I have a couple of pictures and a few updates that I never posted, so I figured I'd just throw them in this one.

A couple of weeks ago, I took the boys to Carter's allergy follow up. Alone. Just me and two toddlers. They were such angels..for the first 45 minutes. I couldn't believe how well behaved they were. but, the doctor was running behind and they got a little antsy at the end, we ended up being there for an hour and a half. The doctor was so nice about the wait, and I know those things happen, I wasn't mad, but I'm glad I came prepared with toys and snacks.

I was there to discuss some bloodwork that they had done on Carter testing his allergies. They like to test his peanut allergy every year to see if it's getting better or worse and they tested for a couple of other things. His peanut allergy actually got worse. This broke my heart, I was really hoping that it would get better, even though we were told it was very unlikely. But, we're still hopeful to get him into a study to help him outgrow his peanut allergy. He doesn't have any environmental allergies but he is allergic to cats and dogs. His dog allergy is very mild, but his cat allergy was high. I'm really surprised because we've been to playdates at houses of people who have cats and he hasn't had any problems yet. Thank goodness.

Evan asks for a peach every single day. Every day! So, when we saw that Sam's Club had a case of them, we got them. We brought them home on a Sunday evening and they were gone on Tuesday. Those boys love them some peaches, they had a peach with breakfast, lunch and dinner. Evan especially loves them.

We had a playdate last Monday and the boys got to play with play doh. How nice of the hosting mom to bring out play doh for five 2 year olds to play with! They had so much fun.

That's all the pictures from my iphone that I didn't blog about. On to today. Evan woke up at 5am because of the time change, so we snuggled on the couch and watched "The Grinch". He got Greg's flashlight from his nightstand and insisted on carrying it around all morning.

We met our moms of multiples playgroup at Bounce and Play and it was insane. Schools are out today so it was pretty busy. Plus, the boys were so excited and all over the place. It was exhausting. I didn't even get any pictures! I was too busy chasing after the boys.

After their nap, we played in their room for a little bit.

Greg took the boys to the gym while I ran some errands. I stopped by World Market and got some Biscoff that my friend, Brandi told me about. On the label it says it's the European version of peanut butter and it doesn't contain any nuts. So, I picked up a jar so I would have something to make a sandwich for the boys with. I tried giving the boys spaghetti but neither one would even look at it, so I made them a biscoff and strawberry jam sandwich. Carter loved it! He kept asking for more. Evan liked it too, but not as much as Carter. Biscoff is defnitely more of a treat (it's like Nutella but so much better!) but it's nice to have a peanut butter alternative that's super yummy. I have sunbutter for them too, but it's not as tasty as this.
The boys don't have school tomorrow, so we're going to head to the gym in the morning and then off to vote after Greg gets off. I got the boys "voter" shirts to wear. If they were older, I'd do a fun craft or activity to coincide with the election. I'm a nervous wreck, I hate things like this, waiting on results. I'm not patient and it stresses me out. I'm pretty sure I'm not going to be able to sleep tomorrow night.

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