Saturday, November 10, 2012

Yoder's and Friendship Bread

Thursday morning the boys had preschool, so I spent the morning cleaning house and making Friendship bread. One of Greg's coworkers gave him the starter. You take the starter, add some ingredients, divide it into 4 ziploc bags and then used what's leftover to make the bread. The 4 ziploc bags you have are starters that you give to 4 other friends. The bread was amazing. It made 2 loaves and everybody in the house loves it. Carter woke up from his nap before Evan, so I tried it out on him to see if it was any good.

He kept saying "Yummy!" and "mommy bite". It's very sweet that he likes to share anything yummy with us.

After Greg got off work, we decided to take the boys to Yoder's. We hadn't been in awhile and I needed to get a few things for my secret sister gift (that I'll share in December). The boys had a blast! It was cold, but it was so worth it.

The boys really love this swing.

this is a rocking picnic table.

We had walked from the side with all the animals to the side with the playgroud and picnic benches. The boys were not really wanting to leave, so greg went and got the van to pull around. We figured it be easy to get them to go if the van was right there (and if not, we wouldn't have to carry two screaming kids very far) Well, the boys wait until Greg has almost got to the car and then both head off that way with me chasing them and then they took a turn and both ran into the store, completely ignoring me telling them to stop. They went and sat at the tables and were so proud of themselves. They knew I was outnumbered and when I tried to go near them to grab them, they'd go in opposite directions. This is what I had nightmares about when I was pregnant, two kids conspiring against me. ;) What am I going to do with those boys? Luckily, after what felt like an eternity, Greg came in to see what we were doing and we each grabbed a boy and left.

Friday, we hung out at the house all morning and the boys played and watched a movie.

After Greg got off work, we took the boys to the park. Then, we came home and Greg fed the boys dinner and played while I went over to a friends house and watched her two sweet little girls. We switch off babysitting so we can each get a date night with our husbands. It's so nice, we each get to go out and it doesn't cost us the money of a babysitter. I had a blast, her girls were so easy and it was so fun getting to see a little girls room with all the dolls and fun girly things.

Greg has a 3 day weekend because Monday is Veteran's day. I love 3 day weekends! I feel like that 3rd day just makes such a difference.

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