Thursday, November 8, 2012

Election Day and Dr. Visit

I'm so glad the election is over and the day after the election--when everybody on Facebook is either complaining or bragging- is over.

I got the boys sweatshirts from Kohl's that said "Voted, World's Best Brother" It was the only thing I could find for their "election day" outfit. Here's a picture of Carter in his.

After the boys woke up and we were waiting on Greg to get off so we could go vote, me and the boys watched the Grinch for the millionth time. Evan loves this movie and asks for it all the time. Carter did like the movie but now when Evan asks for it, Carter screams "NOOOO!!!" haha. But, Carter was a trooper and watched it anyways. He wanted to sit in my lap which I did not mind one bit.
We brought snack, crayons, coloring books, and drinks to go vote. Everything worked for awhile, but towards the end the boys were getting restless. I was so glad to be done, that I forgot to get a picture of the boys with their "Future Voters" stickers. :(
Carter had a pretty bad cough on Tuesday, so I made an appointment with the doctor to see him Wednesday morning. It was a crazy morning and there was no way that I was going to get the boys both dressed, much less out the door and to the doctor, so Greg came home and stayed with Evan while I took Carter. . Carter loves the magna doodles and will play with them the entire time.

He told me this was an airplane. So cute!

Carter was wheezing pretty bad when the doctor listened to his chest, so they gave him a nebulizer treatment and sent us home with one so we could give it to him. There was such a huge difference after the first treatment, he hasn't been coughing hardly at all since we took him to the doctor. I thought he looked so pitiful getting the treatment. But, he was so good, he didn't try and take it off or anything.
He was so good in the exam room and was having such a good time coloring and playing with the magna doodle that he threw the fits of all fits when we left. He also threw a fit when we got there in the parking lot. I guess he didn't realize that Evan wasn't with us and when we got out of the van to go in, he thought I was leaving Evan in the car. He cried and cried. It was so pitiful. Both boys had about a weeks worth of tantrums yesterday. It was a long day, and then about an hour after their nap, they were such angels. They played well, they were being sweet, etc. They were perfect for the rest of the night. It's funny how toddlers can go from making your head about to explode to being so sweet that your heart could explode. These boys definitely keep me on my toes.

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