Tuesday, November 20, 2012

We Made It!

Saturday morning, we left bright and early for Georgia. 2:37am to be exact. We wanted to get on the road while the boys were still sleeping, hoping that they'd sleep some of the 7-8 hour trip there. We weren't on the road for 15 minutes when Carter threw up! We pulled over, cleaned him up, changed his clothes and got back on the road. He ended up throwing up a second time while we were on the freeway and it was still dark out. So, we pulled over again and cleaned him up, changed his clothes (in the 28 degree weather) and got back on the road again. We stopped for breakfast and let the boys stretch their legs and eat (well, Carter just had a little water mixed with powerade) and then we got back on the road again. Besides Carter throwing up, the boys did REALLY good. I brought several new toys with us. I've been buying inexpensive things at consignment shops for times like these and I also went to the Dollar Tree before we left and picked up a few things for the car ride. So, between sleeping, new toys, and the dvd player, the boys had enough to do on the entire ride.

Here's the boys playing with their new toys.
The boys took a nap later in the morning, which was nice. I like them to sleep as much as possible on long trips like this.
I took some pictures of our ride down there. I love all the pine trees. I think Virginia is beautiful this time of year with all the changing leaves, but something about this view just felt like home to me.
When we got to my parents, Greg had caught what Carter had and was in rough shape, so he went and laid down. The boys were exhausted and Carter still wasn't feeling 100%, but it felt so good to be at my parents. The boys LOVE coloring, especially Carter, and my mom has their little desks that are perfect for coloring at. So, they have spent a lot of time doing that. It was pretty cold and windy the day we got here, so we didn't want to take the boys outside, especially with them getting over the stomach bug (Evan had it last Thursday)
The boys have bikes, a slide, a wagon, and a playhouse in my parents garage, so there was plenty to do even though we couldn't go outside.
Caroline gave me my birthday present, a UGA Tervis tumbler and a bottle of wine. She also got me a lid to go on my Tervis tumbler so I can take it with me wherever I go. I've been wanting a big one so bad and was so excited to get this. I've been using it ever since I got here.  
 I'm so glad to be at my parents and in Georgia. It's been a year since we've been here and that's way too long. Unfortunately, the stomach bug has been getting passed around, but luckily it's only a 24 hour bug. My sister got hit much worse than the rest of us and I feel so horrible about that. I hate that we brought those germs with us and I hope she starts feeling better really soon.
I hope everybody is having a great week. I'm enjoying spending time with my family and can't believe it's already Tuesday. The internet out here is really slow, but I'm trying to keep my blog updated so I don't get behind. I'm making a point to take more pictures this time. I'm great about taking pictures, except when I'm with my family. I'm usually so busy I forget to, but I'm making a point to take more pictures of the boys with my parents and just of the things we do while we're here.

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  1. Oh no! Boo for the stomach bug. I've had something for several days. It's a mix between a stomach bug and flu-like symptoms (fever, dizzy...). So weird. I hate this season of germs!