Thursday, October 18, 2012

Playing Outside

We took the boys to the park Tuesday afternoon, but they were not interested in playing on the playground, they wanted to explore. Since they both wanted to go off, we decided to let them lead the way. They love just getting to run around.

They ran around the dugout a few times and probably could have done it all night, but some people started showing up to play a game. They were just laughing and giggling as they ran. It's so cute how simple things make them so happy.

We had never gone to this part of the park before and it was so beautiful. There were three deer and some squirrels in the field before Carter saw them and started squealing and running over there.

There was a volleyball net and sand court that we never knew was there. The boys loved running around the sand.

They made up this game where one would fall on his knees and say "oh no, help!" and the other one would go over there and take their hand and they'd get up and say "Thanks!" They took turns doing this several times and it was so cute.

Then they thought it was hilarious to smack their hands on the sand.

Look how happy Carter is. They thought it was so funny.

"helping" each other get up.

Then the boys had a quick snack of puffs before they ran around a little more.

When we got home, I started looking through the mail and realized the boys were being quiet. That's normally a bad sign, but I found them playing so well together. They played from the time we got home until they took their bath so well together. I love it. They do their share of fighting but they are also the best of friends and it melts my heart.

Something else that just melts my heart is seeing them sleeping. Now that they're in big boy beds, I go in and check on them before we go to bed to make sure they're in the beds and covered up. They like to have a book to take to bed, so I'll take those out too. They look so precious and sweet when I check on them. No matter what kind of day it's been, no matter how many tantrums they've thrown, I forget it when I see how innocent they look sleeping. I need some pictures of them like that so when they start fighting or when they climb on the counter while I'm in the shower and take a fresh batch of cookies and dump them all over the house, I can look at the picture of them sleeping and think "aww...". ;)

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  1. Watching my kids sleep is seriously the highlight of my day. I have light sleepers, so if I open the door they usually wake up. But every once in a while I'll go in there in the morning and I'll watch them sleep. Nothing sweeter!