Saturday, October 27, 2012

The Minivan

If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram, you know we traded in my CRV for a minivan today. You also know that this was not my idea, I wanted a Honda Pilot. Actually, I pretty much wanted anything but a minivan. But, Greg wanted a minivan. Bad! Here is him test driving the minivan on Tuesday. Look how happy he is.
I went by the dealership while the boys were at preschool on Tuesday and spent the morning there looking at the Pilot. We went back after Greg got off work and looked and test drove both the Pilot and the Odyssey. Greg loved the Odyssey--loved it. He loved the room, the sliding doors, all of it. The third row in the Pilot was pretty small and there just wasn't as much room. But, I didn't care. I did NOT want a minivan. Wednesday after Greg got off work, I went by Toyota and spent the afternoon there test driving the Sequioa. It was a BEAST! I've never been in a vehicle that big. It had more room than the minivan and it wasn't a minivan, so I thought it was perfect. I drove it home to show Greg and he decided to be practical and look at things like miles per gallon (17--yikes!) So, it started setting in that the minivan was going to the best most practical decision for us.
So, Thursday morning, I went by Honda and told them we wanted the minivan.

I negotiated with the salesperson and got more for our trade in than they offered. I was feeling good! They ordered us the van we wanted in the color I wanted and I left thinking that I was something for handling it all by myself and getting us the best deal possible! Then, Greg emailed the salesperson, they called him back and talked for a few minutes and he talked them down almost $3,000!!! So, apparrently I'm not as good of a negotiator as I thought I was. :(
They got the van in today. Greg went up there while I fed the boys lunch and put them down for a nap and signed his part of the paperwork. He came back with the van and I rode up there and signed my part of the paperwork. We're now owners of a minivan.

We did get Sirius radio for free for 3 months, so that's pretty cool. We have a backup camera in the dash so we don't hit anything while backing up.

I swore I would never, ever drive a minivan. But, it was the most practical decision. Ugh, being responsible and practical are not fun. ;) I really couldn't argue with Greg on the sliding doors, the room, the miles per gallon, all of it. I will miss my CRV, but it was just getting a little cramped.

And I'm pretty sure the DVD player that it came with will make it all worth it. We let the boys each pick out a movie at Sam's Club and they loved watching it on the way home. They also love getting in and out of the car by themselves. They have enough room to climb in and get in their carseats themselves and we just have to buckle them in.

 Even though the minivan wasn't my first choice, I know it was the right choice. And after driving in it and taking the boys out in it, I think it's going to be perfect for us. Maybe not as cool as my Pilot would have been, but still perfect for us and the boys.

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