Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Our Day and Catching Up

We have had quite the busy morning around the house. We usually try and stay home Wednesday mornings unless we have a playdate to go to since the boys have preschool on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Wednesdays are a nice day to just stay in our pjs and play.

I let the boys color after breakfast. They LOVE coloring. I got some inexpensive Halloween cards and let the boys decorate them to send to family.

Then we went to the basement where we played with empty boxes and made a blanket fort.
After that we did all kinds of playing in the basement. The boys rocked their "baby" (glow worm) and then put it down for a nap. They watched the guys painting our deck for awhile (we always get our money's worth when we hire people to do things because it doubles as entertainment for the boys)
and they got into everything they could to make the biggest mess possible in the basement. They wore themselves out and are napping now.
I thought I'd post some pictures from the past couple of weeks that I never posted. My mom got the boys these guitars and they were a huge hit. They play with them every day.

Evan was playing with his little drill.

and then this happened. I laughed so hard.

I found a huge box of cheese ball packets at Target and thought the cute, Halloween themed snack bags were perfect to take for preschool snack. Every parent brings snacks at the beginning of the month, puts it in the preschool pantry and that's what all the kids eat for snack. I gave the boys a bag (or 3) for a snack and discovered how messy they were. Probably not the best snack. oops.
I found these dinosaur figures at Walmart for $1.00, I've been looking for some and can't believe I found them so cheap. The boys love them, especially Evan. I made some homemade applesauce that nobody would eat but me. :( It was so yummy. And doesn't Carter look like such a big boy in this pic. It's blurry, but I was trying to get one that entire morning and he wouldn't stay still. He just looked so much older to me. Not a baby anymore. :(
The boys love sitting at the table like big boys. We still put them in their high chairs for most meals, but I let them sit there for breakfast.

Somebody left the computer door opened and Evan ran in there after his nap one day. He always goes straight for Greg's desk and starts playing with the mouse and keyboard. He saw some headphones, so he put those on.

This is how Evan watched tv on Monday. I don't know how he lays like that without falling inbetween the couch and ottoman, but he laid there for the longest time.

That's pretty much all my random pics that I didn't post yet. I hope everybody is having a good week.

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