Sunday, October 28, 2012

Fall Leaves

Yesterday, we took the boys to the park. It was laundry day at our house, which is why they're wearing sweat pants in public. ;) There was a ton of leaves at the park, I wish I had known and I would have brought my camera, dressed the boys in cute fall outfits and tried to get some fall pictures. But, I did get a couple of pictures of the boys playing with my phone.

Evan loved the crunching of the leaves as he walked.

The leaves have just recently started falling. It's so beautiful here in the fall. We really love it.

Evan just sat down and started throwing leaves.

I love that the boys are old enough to experience these things. They picked up the leaves and brought them to me and Greg (mostly Greg) and go over the colors that the leaves were. It's so cute.

The boys had so much fun playing at the park and getting to experience playing in the leaves. They also found lots of acorns that they would roll down the slides. They played so good that Greg and I just sat on a bench for awhile and talked and watched them play. We used to talk about the day when they'd be old enough to play at the park and not need us to help them like it was so far away and now it's here. They're definitely growing up fast.

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