Monday, October 3, 2011

Evan's Second Haircut

On Sunday, we decided to take Evan and get his hair cut for the second time. He got it cut back in August but we only had them take a little bit off. This time, we had them cut a lot off. He looks so different! I love it. It's so much neater and easier to manage. Here's some before and after pictures.

 This was in Snippets right before he got it cut.
 See how messy it looks? I brush it and immediately afterwards, it looks messy again.

 I couldn't do anything with it.
 You can see the long strands on his forehead.

It's really short, but I love it.

 He looks so different!! We still can't get over it.
 In Sam's Club parking lot right after getting it cut. Him and Carter look a lot more alike now.

We haven't been getting a lot of people commenting on them being twins like we used to. We have been getting a lot of people asking  if they're brothers and how far apart in age they were!! We even got asked that by another person who was a twin herself. When we went into Sam's Club after Evan's haircut, we got several comments about them being twins, how old were our twins, our twins were cute, etc. Everybody knew they were twins. It doesn't matter, I just think it's interesting how people thought Evan's hair made him look so much different than Carter that they thought they might not be brothers and weren't even the same age.

I love his hair and I'm so glad it turned out the way it did. It's going to look so cute in their fall pictures.

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