Friday, October 28, 2011

Yoder's and the park

This week, Greg had to work the late shift at work (10-6). He has to work this for two weeks every 3-4 months. Normally he work 6-3, with a three day weekend every other week. I know most people work until 5-6 at night so I shouldn't complain, but this shift is really hard. I love that he normally gets off at 3:00 and we can take the boys to the park together, one of us feeds them dinner while one does the dishes, etc. It's nice. So, since it was just going to be me and the boys in the afternoons this week, I had to come up with some ideas on what to do. We took advantage of the nice weather earlier in the week and went to Yoder's to pet the goats and run around and then went from there to Spring Hill park. Monday, nobody was at either place, which was nice to have the whole park to ourselves. Tuesday, my friend and her daughters joined us and we ended up running into some other moms from our MOMs club at the park.

Here's some pictures of the boys.

Yoder's has a nice little slide, with a couple of swings for the kids as well as the goats, chickens, etc.

Evan was not scared in the least. On the second day one of the goats put Evan's entire hand in his mouth and it scared Evan and he cried for a minute and then he went right back up to them like nothing happened.

 He's going in for the pet.

They loved playing with these swings, they would just hold on to them and push them a little.

They had to refuel after Yoder's before heading to the park. This is Evan's new favorite face. He loves to snarl up his nose. He thinks it's really funny if you do it back to him.

Both boys love any type of wheel, especially Evan.

Evan loves to go back and forth through this circle.

I'm glad we were able to get outside earlier this week. Wednesday and Thursday afternoon were spent at the pediatrician's office (once for a cough and once for a food allergy) and today we were supposed to go to a Halloween party, but it's calling for rain this afternoon, so we're not sure if we're going to go. At least we took advantage the the nice weather earlier this week.

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