Wednesday, October 12, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday

I had a few random thoughts and pictures to share today, so I thought I'd link up with Jamie for "What I'm Loving Wednesday"

I'm loving that I got a coupon for $25.00 of any $50.00 purchase at Erin I've been wanting a planner from there and I finally bought one. I'm so excited. It's suppposed to arrive in the next week or so. I can't wait to get it. I chose the "favorite things" cover and got to personalize it with our names and all my favorite things, I'll definitely do a post on it when it comes in.
I love this fall weather we're getting. It's mostly been clear and sunny out too, so we've been able to make lots of trips to the park. It's rainy today though, but luckily we have an indoor playdate with MOPS this morning to get us out of the house.

I'm loving my iphone. I'm obsessed, I don't know how I lived without one of these for so long. I love the camera on it, which is the main reason we got it. We were able to sell my little point and shoot camera, my ipod, and my video camera because of all the features that my iphone has.

I love how much the boys are changing every day. They are playing together so good now. We used to have cats and had a cat door on one of our doors, Evan has learned how to go through it, and I was able to catch him on camera doing this the other day and of course, Carter sitting right next to him encouraging him and being a lookout.

I'm loving picking out recipes for next week's Menu Monday. I definitely think this Quick Creole Shrimp  is going to make the cut.

That's what I'm loving this Wednesday. What are you loving?


  1. I think I need to jump on this EC planner bandwagon. And that shrimp looks fantastic.

  2. you're the second post i see today menting EC. i've never heard of her before but the products look amazing!

    I the photo of the babies and the doggy door. too cute!

    Trish @ Tales from ...

  3. I am getting an iPhone this week and I can not wait!!! Hope you have a great Wednesday!

  4. I love my iPhone and can't wait to get my Erin Condren planner! Just stopping by from WILW to say hello. Have a great week!

  5. I love that planner....I want one so so badly!

  6. My oldest son used to go in/out of the doggy door all of the time.

    Stopping by from WILW.

    april@Party of Five