Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Greenefield Pumpkin Patch

That's right, we went to yet, another pumpkin patch this weekend. This is our 3rd one this month. I told you we love pumpkin patches! We weren't sure if we were going to go to this one because it cost money to get in and the other ones we've been to were free. It wasn't expensive (6.00 for adults, kids 2 and under were free) but we didn't decided until Saturday morning that we were going to go. We woke up and the weather was perfect for the pumpkin patch. I'm so glad that we decided to go. There was hardly anybody there, but since we live in a small town we still managed to run into people we know there, another mom from MOPS, a guy Greg works with, and another mom in my MOM group who has twin boys who are 17 months old. What a small world. When we got there, we immediately saw the huge play area they had set up for toddlers. It was a huge area with a fence around it filled with riding toys, small fisher price slides and houses, etc. The boys loved it and could have probably spent the entire day there. It was even better than going to a park because it was perfect for the boys age and size. We didn't have to worry about them getting hurt and they were able to just run around and play with anything and everything they wanted. We're thinking of going back before the end of the month because the boys had so much fun.

The pumpkin patch was less than 5 minutes from our house. This is the sign you see when you turn on the road to go to Greenefield Pumpkin Patch

 On the hayride. We had to take the boys from the play area to go on the hayride and Carter was not a happy camper. As soon as the tractor started though, he was fine. They both love the tractors and hayrides.

 Evan on the hayride

There was such a pretty view.

 There was an area for bigger kids to play on the hay and go down bigger slides. Here's Evan sitting on the big hay stacks.

 The toddler area.

I think this was Carter's favorite toy.

Carter and one of the other twin boys there.

They loved all the John Deere riding toys

There was so much to do.

Trying to get a picture of the two of them before we left. They're looking at the toddler play area. :)

Well, I got a smile. neither of them are looking at the camera, but at least Evan is smiling. I'll take what I can get.

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