Sunday, October 9, 2011

Graves Mountain Lodge

Saturday, we took the boys to the Graves Mountain Lodge Apple Festival. There was a hayride, hay maize, cookout, petting zoo, pumpkin patch, crafts, etc. It was a huge festival and it was very crowded. We decided to skip the hayride because there was a line. We let the boys run around and stretch their legs. They loved the little pumpkin patch area. Then we enjoyed a nice picnic lunch with hotdogs and hamburgers. We finished the day up by going to visit the petting zoo area. The boys had a blast. I'm glad we were able to go this year. There were a lot of activities for older kids too, so it's something we can go to year after year and each time will be a different experience.

This was the entrance to the festival

The boys loved all the animals.

I don't think I got a single picture of them looking at the camera and smiling.

I couldn't get both the boys to look at the camera at the same time. I love their shirts. I ordered these iron-ons from ETSY.

This little boy loved Evan and Carter, he kept trying to give them hugs. Carter ran away from him but Greg was able to get a picture of Evan with him.

Everything still goes in the mouth.

Carter is really starting to warm up to animals. He doesn't like to be held and brought near them, he likes to go up to them on his own.

That's how Carter touches the animals, with his one index finger.

The goats loved Evan, he really got a kick out of them getting close to him.

We had so much fun. We're thinking about going to another one next weekend, but we're not sure. You might have noticed that I have a new blog design. I hate it. I was trying to make the pictures bigger and I couldn't with the blog design I had before. So, I'm going to have to spend some time on it one evening, but not tonight. We have Blue Bloods tivoed and ready to watch. We spent the last two nights watching "Bridesmaids" (we've been tired, so it took us two nights) Yeah, that's two nights of my life I wish I had back. I wouldn't recommend it.

I hope everybody is having a great weekend.

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