Monday, December 5, 2011

15 Months

The boys turned 15 months on November 18. We had their 15 month check up on November 30. I'm not doing the montly posts anymore, but any time they have a doctor's appointment, I'm going to post their stats on here for my record. I love finding out how tall they are and how much they weigh and if everything they're doing is on track.
Here's a couple pictures from the waiting room. The boys are at the age now that we can go in and sit down and let them play on their own in the waiting room. It was nice. It seems like just yesterday we were in there with our carseats.

Carter weighed 21 lbs 13oz and is in the 10th percentile for his weight. He's 31 5/8 inches which puts him in the 75th percentile for height and his head circumfrence is 47 3/4, which is in the 50th percentile.

Evan weighed 21 lbs 5oz, is 31 7/8 inches, and his head circumfrence is 47 1/4. He's in all the exact same percentiles as Carter, 10th for weight, 75th for height, and 50th for head circumfrence.  All their measurements are very close.

The boys did great for their exams. Even the doctor commented on how good and still they were being for her, she said at this age a lot of kids won't let the doctor exam them. I don't know how this happened, because they're wild and don't like to sit still for a second. I think it really helps that they love our doctor. The boys are only half a pound apart in weight but we still get comments all the time about how much "bigger" Carter is. We don't get "are they twins" anymore, now it's "how far apart are they in age". It's funny. The boys did really good with their shots also. They each had to get 4 needle sticks, and were fine as soon as we left the exam room.

Both boys are walking, running, and climbing like crazy. They play really good together most of the time. They'll laugh at each other and always play in the same room together. They'll go together from one section of the house to another even if they're aren't playing with the same things. They tend to get a little rough with each other, most of the time it's an accident, they'll go in to hug and end up tackling the other one. Or they'll go into give the other a kiss and it turns into a bite. I really think that most of the time they have really good intentions.

They're talking a lot more. Most of it is babbling that we can't understand, but they'll say "hi" "hey", "bye", "all done", "soft" "mamma", "dadda", Evan says "baby" a lot. Carter says "yes" and there's several other words that they've repeated but don't say on a regular basis like "shoes" "Big Bird" etc. Carter will say "mmmm" while he's eating and Evan will say "Nom, nom, nom" it's so funny. They love waving at anything and everything. When we're out in the store, they'll wave at anybody who looks at them. They love to tell us "bye" (especially evan) when they're going into another room in the house. It's really cute. They understand a lot of what we're saying. If we'll say "go get your shoes", they'll go and get their shoes and bring them to us. If we ask them if they want to go into the basement to play, they'll go over to the door, if I ask them if they're ready for a nap,-if we're in the basement, they'll go to the stairs, and if we're upstairs, they'll come over and reach their arms up for me to pick them up and take them upstairs. They understand when we say it's bath time.

They're still taking two naps a day, which I'm sure will be coming to an end soon, but I'm going to enjoy it as long as I can. They're sleeping pretty good. They usually go down for naps really easily and sleep between one hour and two hours. They'll still wake up at night some, when they get wrapped up in their blankets, get cold or hot, etc. It's not very often, but if each wakes up once or twice, that's 2-4 times we're waking up. They both will sleep through the night without waking up at all, but usually not on the same night. I'm really happy with the way they're sleeping, but we're still very tired.

Something that's started that's not so fun and exciting is tantrums. I'm not enjoying that part at all. I'm definitely looking forward to when that stage is over.

I'm sure there's so much more, but my brain is mush. It's so hard to remember what they've done this morning, much less what they've been up to for the past couple of months. Which is why I'm glad I keep a blog. ;)

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