Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Case of the Mondays

Yesterday was yet another low key day. Because of the holidays, there haven't been as many MOM group activities and because of the cold weather, we've been stuck inside a lot, so not a whole lot of exciting stuff going on here lately. So, yesterday, I needed to run to Target to pick up some baby wipes and a last minute gift idea for the boys, but somehow I managed to get so behind on the boys laundry that they were out of clothes. They don't have many pants that fit really good, so it doesn't take long to run out of clothes. So, I threw a load in and we waited around in our pjs until it was done so they'd have something to wear out.
This is how the boys entertain themselves.

Greg took the drawers out of the cabinets and the boys love all the room in there now.

 The boys are climbing like crazy now on anything and everything.

Evan appreciating the Christmas tree.

haha, just kidding, he was watching tv. :)

Carter woke up from his nap before Evan did, so I let him look at himself in my camera and took some pictures of him. He loved seeing himself.

I decied to get some plastic balls, I saw an idea on Pinterest of filling a pack-n-play with these balls for a little homemade ball pit. We have a pack-n-play up in the living room blocking off part of the room and I thought it'd be perfect to turn it into something the boys can play in since it's there anyways. We also have another one that we store upstairs, so I got two bags of balls, I thought it might be nice to be able to turn the one upstairs into a ball pit so when I need to get things done upstairs, the boys will have something to do. The balls were really cheap at Target, so it was the perfect gift to get them for Christmas that won't end up taking up anymore room.

Here's the picture of Pinterest that gave me the idea.
I made spaghetti with hot italian sausage instead of ground beef for dinner. We had never given the boys spaghetti before because of how messy it is and because one of us (ahem..Greg) is super OCD about the boys eating messy food. But, I decided to finally let them have it. We stripped them down and gave them each a bowl of it. I was a little worried that it might be too spicy, but they LOVED it. They couldn't get enough. It was really cute.

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