Monday, December 19, 2011


Greg had Friday off, so we had a nice little 3 day weekend together. But, it didn't seem like it, the days really flew by. Friday, Greg kept the boys while I ran a couple of errands, an appointment and some shopping. Then, we went by ACAC (a local gym) and joined. We tried it in July but the boys didn't seem quite ready to stay in the childcare center, we're really hoping they're ready now because we think it'd be good for all of us. Saturday & Sunday, I finished up the goodies I plan on giving out and ran a basket of them over to our neighbor. Today, I plan on giving out the rest. We wrapped all the Christmas presents, got the basement and guest room ready for my family who's coming on Friday, went grocery shopping, did a little last minute Christmas shopping, and played with the boys. We didn't do anything really fun or exciting, but it was still a pretty busy weekend. We did have time on Saturday to rent a movie and we chose "My Idiot Brother", Greg hated it and I thought it had a nice little message, but I wish we had rented something better. Normally, I wouldn't mind if a movie we got wasn't the best, but we don't have a ton of extra time, so I'd like for something we spend 2 hours on to be worth it.

Here's some of the pics from the weekend.

The goodies I've been working on last week.

I was so excited to make these labels and finally get to use my color printer that Greg bought me the day after Thanksgiving.

I picked up this spread at World Market to stick in the basket. I got us a chocoloate and bananas one. They're delicious!!

Christmas sugar cookies.

I passed this while I was out on Friday. I could not believe all the ornaments on this tree! They must have spent so much time on this.

We had to run by Old Navy this weekend and get the boys some more jeans. Old Navy is right next to Chipotle, so we grabbed some lunch. We got the boys a kids meal, and I thought it was so cute, look at that tiny bag of chips!! I may have saved the bag to scrapbook. It was too cute not too. (the boys scrapbook is one of the 3,567 things I have on my to do list to work on when I have time)

yep, they're wearing their hats again. It's been really cold so we put them on the boys to wear from the car to the store and they like wearing them, so we let them.

Greg feeding them some rice and beans.

Well, that was our weekend. We don't have much fun stuff planned for this week, just getting the house cleaned up for my family on Friday, doing a few last minute Christmas things, and hopefully going to the gym a few times this week.

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