Sunday, December 4, 2011

Georgia Trip-Picture Dump

So, I have several, random pictures that I wanted to post from our trip to Georgia, so I'll just put them all in one post. Most of these were taken on my phone, and some are a little blurry.

We brought several new toys with us to Georgia and bought a few while we were there. This is one of the gifts we got them for their birthday but we waited to open it since they had so many other toys, then we decided to just bring it with us on the trip. They loved this pirate ship.

 There was a little more space in these high chairs then the ones we had at home, so the boys took advantage and put their feet up. ;)

My mom bought the boys this while we were in, I love See and Say's.

My mom had this basket out and put old cell phones and things for them to play with, but Carter liked to dump everything out of it and play inside the basket. He loved it so much, that we actually brought it home with us.

After meeting a friend for lunch one day, I wanted to let Evan stretch his legs a little before driving back to my parents, so I let him play in the front seat of the car.

I saw these shopping carts at Walmart for $10.00 while we were in Georgia, so I got them for the boys. They came with play food boxes. We figured the boys will get a lot of use out of these because it's something they'll play with as they get older.

All the toys and they wanted to play with a bag of wipes.

I got some trucks from a consignment shop and the boys loved them. One of them makes all kinds of sounds and even drives by itself, and I had no idea. I don't think the employees did either because it was super cheap and it great shape.

My mom put some junk mail and magazines in this cabinet for the boys. they thought they were getting into something that they were supposed to, so of course, they were having a blast.

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