Friday, December 2, 2011

Georgia Trip-Papaw's Boys

The boys adore mamaw and Aunt Caroline. Besides me and Greg, they've spent the most time with my mom. Everytime Caroline would come around, the boys would always go and try and hand her a toy or give her a hug. They love them. But...when Papaw came home from work, the rest of us were chop liver. The boys would get so excited when my dad would come home. He left for work before they woke up (thank goodness, if they were up when he left--there would have been some major meltdowns). As soon as he'd get home, the boys would run up to him for attention. Carter would expect to be held from the time my dad came home until Carter went to bed. He'd sit on my dad's lap and want him to hold his toys for him to play. Evan would come over, but he does not stay in one place too long. Both boys definitely had a special bond with my dad, but especially Carter. My dad read their bedtime stories almost every night that we were in Georgia. Anything my dad cooked, the boys had to have. It was so cute getting to see the boys bond with their Papaw. I didn't get as many pictures as I wished I had, but here's the ones I did get.

My dad was outside grilling and Carter would not leave the back door, he sat and watched him the whole time. My poor dad, everytime we see him, we make him grill for us. It doesn't matter if we go down and see him or if he comes up to see us,  we put him to work on the grill.

My dad took the boys for a ride on the tractor. I love Evan's serious face!! It's so funny. He always has such a serious look when he doesn't know what to think. This was when he first got on.

Carter's turn. I didn't think Carter was going to ride the tractor. Their loud and I was afraid Carter might cry, he's not as fearless as Evan is. Well, he cried, but not when we put him on, when we took him off the tractor. My dad ended up taking them both around a few times.

Such a pitiful face. He just got off and it was Evan's turn again. Look how sad he is. :(

So, Greg would follow the tractor with whichever one wasn't riding. It made them stop crying.

And this is what happened when we came inside. Evan was not happy. I think he would have rode that tractor all day.

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