Monday, December 12, 2011

Misc. Monday

This is just going to be a random bullet post, kinda like my picture dump, but instead of pictures, it's just the random things that have been going on lately.

  • The boys have been playing so good together lately. They'll go into a room and just play and laugh for the longest time. They seem so grown up to me when they play together. It's so fun to hear them cracking each other up.
  • I had a great birthday. I recieved a lot of nice gifts, including a JoTote, Paula Deen's Southern Cooking Bible, some sharpies in 80's colors, a GA picture from etsy, gift cards, some money, etc. I had to take Carter to his allergist appointment, which didn't end up being that bad. That night we had delicious sandwhiches from our favorite sandwhich shop (The Carving Board) some cake and ice cream, and watched Friday Night Lights. It's was a really nice birthday.
  • I made my 101 in 1001 list when the boys were a couple of weeks old when I had NO idea what things were going to be like. With my 30th birthday less than a year away. :( I thought I'd put the 101 in 1001 on the back burner and work on a 30 before 30 list. I went through my 101 list and picked what was most important and added a couple new ones. I'd like to complete the 30 goals before my 30th birthday. I LOVE having lists for everything, they help me stay focused. Hopefully, I'll be able to check off everything off the list before December 6, 2012. I'll post this list soon.
  • I'm so behind on my Christmas cards and newsletter this year. I finally decided on a card and I've wrote my rough draft of our newsletter. Now, I just need to finalize it, print it, address all the envelopes, stamp them and mail them out. I normally have them sent out by now, it's totally stressing me out.
  • I finally put up my tree and decorated it. We got it out the week of Thanksgiving and put it in the basement. We didn't decorate it because we wanted to make sure it was where we wanted it. No matter how we arranged things, the boys could get to it and I didn't want to have to worry about them knocking it over or messing with the ornaments. So, we finally found the perfect place for it yesterday and moved it. The boys can't get to it, we can see it all day, and I got it decorated and everything. Finally.
  • I'm pretty sure our neighborhood is going to think we're scrooges because we didn't put up any decorations outside. I bought a beautiful wreath that I LOVE to go on the front door, but it won't fit because of the screen door. I didn't put the candle lights in the windows this year because of the boys being at the age/stage they're at, they'd just pull them down, so I just ended up not doing anything outside at all this year.
  • The boys have too many toys as it is, so I really don't know what to do for them for Christmas this year. I don't want to get them stuff, just for the sake of getting stuff. I've been buying a few things when I see them on sale that I have in my closet, but they got a lot of stuff for their birthday in August and a lot of new things for our trip to Georgia last month, so I'm thinking of saving that stuff I bought them and giving it to them for Easter or next time we take a trip. So, I'm not sure what we're going to do. All the things I want to get them, they're not quite ready for yet, but will be in a few months. I guess I should figure something out since Christmas is in 2 weeks.
  • We've been really disappointed in the movies we've rented lately. Bridesmaids, Bad Teacher, 30 Minutes or Less, and several others were all really disappointing. But, we rented Friends with Benefits and The Help recently and we both loved them. I read "The Help" and couldn't wait to see the movie, Greg was dreading it, he thought it was going to be a chick flick, but he ended up loving it as much as I did. It was a really good movie.
  • I still haven't mailed the Christmas gifts we've got for friends and family out of town. Last year, I had them mailed around Thanksgiving. Oh, the good 'ol days when the boys slept all the time. ;)
  • I bought the stuff to make cookie mix in jars to give to neighbors. You put the dry mix in mason jars in pretty layers, top with pretty fabric and ribbon and all the recepient has to do is add the wet ingredients and bake. I've read mixed reviews on blogs about them, some people think they're a nice, thoughtful gift and would rather have that than something bought. But, some people think they're tacky and awful and would rather have nothing. I think they're cute and hopefully the people I give them to will also. I'm actually nervous to give them out now.
  • I hate hot weather. I love winter, snow, the cold, etc. Now that I have kids, my love for cold weather has gone away. I'm already looking forward to spring. What am I going to do inside all winter with two 15 month old boys? It's going to be a long, long winter.
  • I bought myself a Keurig for my birthday because I usually only drink one cup of coffee in the morning, but I love my Keurig so much and the all the coffees, teas, and hot cocoas that I bought for it that I find myself making 2-3 cups a day (at least), which defeats the purpose. Oops.
We have a pretty busy week, I decided that it would be a great idea to schedule all our dentist, eye doctor, physicals, etc. for this month so there's a couple appointments each week. I'm glad to get them all out of the way and not have to worry about them for awhile instead of having an appointment every month, but it's been a busy few weeks. Hopefully, we can get our Christmas presents mailed, newsletters done and mailed out, and figure out what we're going to do for the boys for Christmas.

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