Sunday, December 11, 2011

Picture Dump

Time for another picture dump. I take a ton of pictures of the boys every day and I have these plans to blog about our days, but sometimes I get a a little behind on blogging, so I need to do a picture dump so I can get caught up. I'd love to write a short blog at the end of each day talking about how that day went and what we did and post the pictures from that day, but it never works out like that. So, here's what the boys have been up to over the past week or two. Warning: there's a LOT of pictures.

We finally opened the slide that Greg's parents got the boys for their birthday. We waited until the weather got cold to give them more to do inside. They LOVE the slide. Almost as much as the box that it came in. :) Seriously. We kept the box and it's in the basement and they can play with that for hours. If anybody wants to know what to get the boys for Christmas, get them large boxes. Really. The slide box isn't going to last much longer and we don't know what we're going to do. We may have to drive around on trash day after Christmas and pick up everybody's discarded boxes. ;)

We met the MOMs group at the mall for a little playgroup. The boys loved playing there. We got there early, so there was only a few kids there, but normally it's a madhouse.

Everytime we go to Harris Teeter to get something, we look for this shopping cart, but there's only two like it and somebody else is already using them. Well, there was finally one available when we went and we put the boys in it. They loved it.

The nice employee at Harris Teeter, gave the boys balloons. They played with those from the time we got home until the time they went to bed that night.

Yes, we have two riding toys, but both boys like to fight over the same one.

We got another couch for the boys when they were on sale the day after Thanksgiving. They love their pull out couches. They're the perfect size for them and they can use them for quite awhile.

Boys being silly.

We're still working on the boys using silverware. They love to hold the spoons and forks and dip it in the food, but I guess that takes to long, so they'll use their hands to pick up food and eat it in between fork bites. This is when I gave them applesauce and they decided that eating it with their hands was much better than using the spoon.

I heard Evan in the kitchen one morning and found him like this.

I let Carter sit on the couch and gave him the remote on morning when he woke up before Evan and I wanted to let Evan sleep. Carter thought he was something with that remote.

How Evan entertains himself while waiting on Carter to wake up.

They seriously do this all the time. You can see Carter is not happy about this.

We got the boys each a stuffed animal from Sam's Club. They're huge! We got Evan a monkey and Carter a hippo. The boys really love them. I'll walk in sometimes and find Carter sitting in the monkey's lap playing with a toy or reading a book.

The boys like to take their riding toys and push them across their piano, or sit on the riding toys and play with it.

They will climb anything and everything. They are quickly learning that they can push these riding toys up to anything they want to get on and climb on up.

Alright, I think that's most of the random pictures that I wanted to post.

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