Wednesday, December 14, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday

It's been several weeks since I've been able to participate, so I'm excited to link up with Jamie this week for What I'm Loving Wednesday.

I'm loving my new Keurig. I'm seriously addicted.

I'm loving that all the great gifts I got for my birthday last week, like my Jo Tote from Greg and the Paula Deen Southern Cooking Bible from my friend Brandi.
Now I can carry my Nikon camera around and not have to worry about it getting scratched up in my purse or having to carry around an ugly, bulky camera bag.

I'm loving Cinnamon M&Ms, I've had my eye on these guys everytime I go into Target and I finally broke down and bought a bag to try them. They were delicious.

I'm loving that Kelly over at Kelly's Korner is having a "Show Us Your Christmas Decorations" link up this Friday. I can't wait. I'm going to fix me a cup of hot cocoa (from my awesome Keurig ;) and sit down and look at all the Christmas decorations. I can't wait. I will not be participating of course, because my house is a hot mess this year, but I will be taking notes for next year.

This is my tree this year, looking pretty pitiful.

I'm loving all the fun, Christmas things I've been finding on Pinterest lately. I'm definitely making an Advent calendar this year, I want to go ahead and get the supplies while Christmas stuff is out in the stores so it'll be all ready to go for next year. I can't decide what kind I want to make. Here's some of my favorites.

and this one I found on I Heart Organizing, it's just a decorated wooden box with 25 cards inside with activities. Might be the easiest way to do it and would take up the least amount of space.

I'm loving Friday Night Lights. We bought seasons 2-5 online the day after Thanksgiving and have started on season 2.

And of course, I'm loving these two little stinkers. They have been playing so well together lately, they seem so grown up to me now. I really do love every single time they get to do something new. Even the small things, like riding in this fun cart at Kroger. (there's only one, and it's always taken when we go). They rode it for the first time on Sunday and laughed and squeeled the ENTIRE shopping trip.

What are you loving this Wednesday?


  1. That tote is awesome! I think I need one!
    Your boys are precious!! Oh and your tree does not look pitiful! I love the blue, I think it looks pretty!
    Have a great day!

  2. Your little guys are too cute!! I love you camera bag! I have a Hobo by Kelly Moore. I LOVE not having to lug around my ugly black box of a camera bag anymore! Merry Christmas!! xoxo Brooke

  3. We have the same Keurig, it is so nice to have!

    Those cinnamon M&M's sound delicious too!