Friday, January 13, 2012


It's been a long week. It's freezing in Virginia. Today the wind chill is 23 degrees!! It's cold and windy and we've been pretty much stuck inside the entire week. We did venture out a couple of times, but not as much as we typically do. Wednesday, we had a MOPs playgroup, so we bundled up and braved the cold and rain to get a little playtime in. Thursday, I had a friend over after the boys went to bed to watch "Water For Elephants". I read the book and really wanted to see the movie. If you haven't read the book, then I would not recommend watching the movie because it wasn't that great and I only liked it because I read the book. Today Greg got off work at 9:30, and he has Monday off for Martin Luther King Day. Yay!!
This weekend I'm planning on getting some much needed house work done, I'm hosting a playgroup on Wednesday morning, and I'd like our house not to be a complete disaster when people come over. I'm also meeting an old friend for lunch this weekend, which will be nice. And we're planning on going to the gym every day that Greg is off, hopefully it works out. I'm also hoping to sit down and read up on how to take better pictures. Greg is watching "The Pacific" at night, it's a mini-series that I have absolutely no interest in, so my nights are free. We finished "Friday Night Lights" a week or so ago, so I'm trying to use my evenings to be productive and let our tivo fill up a little. I'm excited to learn how to take better pictures because my Project 365 pictures are looking a little pitiful and I've been trying some new recipes and posting them on my blog, and I'd like the pictures to reflect how yummy the recipe actually is. And speaking of recipes, I redid my recipe tab on my blog, my recipes are more organized and should be much easier to find.

Here's some pictures of the little guys this week.

Carter's hippo lays on the ground on his stomach and Carter likes to "ride" him, so Evan had to do the same thing with his monkey.

The boys are climbing EVERYTHING!!!!

Evan pointing at his belly. He's obsessed. He loves to lift up his shirt and say "belly" and he loves when we ask him where his "belly button is".

Carter was waving at Evan and kept saying "hi". He wanted to make sure Evan knew that he was up there because he just learned how to get up there and Evan has been doing it for weeks now.

We got our first snow of the winter this week. It didn't stick.

Before I had kids, I'd be thrilled and maybe when they're older I might appreciate cold weather and snow again, but right now I hate it. I'm ready for summer.

Snack time, the boys love their graham crackers.

Another thing on our weekend to do list? A trip to Snippets. I know two little boys who need a haircut!!

We even played in Evan's room for awhile this week. We don't go up there much since they have basically taken over the entire main floor and also have the entire basement full of toys, but we were getting a little bored stuck in the house.

We can't spend too much time in one place because the boys start doing things they're not supposed to and then it's time for a change of scenery. The boys were into climbing and I thought that was bad, but now they're into climbing and then JUMPING  off things. They can easily get on these couches in the basement by themselves and they love to climb to the back and jump off. AH!!

Trying to climb the chair.

Playing with his pirate ship. The boys seem to never get tired of this.

Both boys are getting into pretend play now, they love to act like they're stirring and eating in their play kitchen and Carter loves his spoon. He'll act like he's eating. And they love it when you act like you're taking a bite or a drink of something they hand you.

I'm really excited it's Friday. I have some crock pot chicken & dumplings cooking for dinner (I'll post the recipe if they turn out good) all 3 boys are taking a nap, so I think I'm going to relax and spend a little time on Pinterest, play some Words with Friends, and get started on this book.

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