Saturday, January 7, 2012

Project 365-Week 1

One of my 30 Before 30 goals was to complete project 365. I've been wanting to do this for a couple of years, and I actually started it one year, but didn't do it for more than a few days. I'm very committed this time and it's much easier since I take pictures most days anyways. I'm hoping to get a chance to read my "Nikon D60 For Dummies" book and take some time and read up on some photography tips on the internet. I think once I can use my camera and photo editing software, this project will be a lot of fun. I wanted a way to save all my picures and decided to do a 365 post every Saturday with the pictures I took throughout the week. I've seen lots of weekly topics to take pictures of as well as monthly challenges with a topic each day to take a picture of and I may participate in some of those as the project goes one to keep it interesting for me.

I'd like the pictures to be reflective of our life this year and I'll try not to have each week be just pictures of Evan and Carter.

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