Saturday, January 14, 2012

Project 365-Week 2

Well, I finshed another week of Project 365. I'm glad that I've taken a picture every day, but I'm disappointed in the pictures I've taken. I've taken some that I feel reflect our day and have meaning, but most of the ones I've taken haven't. I also need to really work on taking better pictures as far as lighting, clarity, etc. Taking better quality pictures is going to take some time, but my goal this week is to take more meaningful pictures that tell a story or represent our day somehow.

The cream cheese spaghetti I made for dinner, I feel like this was the best picture I took of my recipes this week, too bad it was my least favorite recipe. :(

First snow of the winter.

Bedtime Stories

After our MOPs playgroup, while loading Carter in the car, Evan got away, ran into the field next to the parking lot and fell in the mud. None of the parks we go to have dirt, they all have mulch and this is the boys' first pair of muddy/dirty jeans.

My sock bun fail. Looked so cute and simple online, looked more rat's nest than cute on me, need to practice some more.

Evan played with this pirate ship for probably half an hour today. If I went into another room for something, he'd pick it up and follow me, sit down and continue playing. It was really cute to see him slow down and concentrate on something for so long.

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