Sunday, August 19, 2012

Boys 2nd Birthday

Saturday, we celebrated the boys 2nd birthday. I cannot believe they're already two! We decided to just go low key with this birthday. No party or anything crazy. The boys are still too young to really understand the whole birthday thing, so we figured we'd take advantage of that. :)

We gave the boys their Elmo balloons and some of their presents in the morning while they were still in their pjs. They were more interested in the balloons.

Greg had to show them how to open the presents which really surprised me, I thought they'd immediately rip the paper off.

Here's Carter playing with some trucks and he has the new IKEA train set in his lap.

Potty Time with Elmo books. We also got them the Elmo Potty DVD and a Sesame Street kids potty. We just wanted to have that stuff on hand when we do start potty training. When I bought this stuff, I figured they'd look at the books, watch the dvd and we might start potty training in 6 months to a year, I just wanted to have the stuff so they could start getting seeing it and getting the idea. But, we think Carter is ready to start (I'll do another post on that) now, so it's a good thing we got all the stuff.

We also got the boys "5 Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed" The 5 Little Monkey series is Evan's favorite.

Playing with their new toys.

Brandi got the boys a basket ball hoop for their birthday and it was their favorite gift! They loved it.

We made a quick trip to Target to get matching basketballs (since the boys wanted to fight over the one that came with the hoop) while Greg mowed the lawn and when we got back, the neighbors next to us were in their front yard playing. The boys went over there and blew bubbles and played for a little bit while. When we came home, this HUGE praying mantis was on the screen door. The boys thought the "bug" was so neat.

After the boys got up from their nap, we gave them their Elmo cupcakes. We didn't do a big cake or candles this year because we didn't want to have leftovers that Greg and I would just end up eating.

Evan seemed a little unsure at first.

But, Carter knew it was going to be something yummy!


Evan sharing a bite with Daddy.

Greg told him to say "cheese" for the camera so he did, but he did it for Greg and not the camera. I love his "cheese" face--it's so stinkin' cute!!

The boys wanted us to clean them off halfway through eating their cupcakes. Evan cannot stand having his hands dirty and once he wanted his hands clean, Carter wanted his too.

Then we took the boys to the peach orchard to pick peaches. I saw on Facebook that they only had about a week left in peach season, so we knew if we wanted to go again, we had to do it this weekend. Plus, the boys love going there.

It's so pretty there.

Carter wanted to help Greg pull Evan. Unfortunately, most of the peaches were too overripe and bugs were everywhere. So, we found two peaches that were ok for the boys to eat but didn't end up finding any to bring home. :(

Evan asked for ice cream while we were there. So, we got a scoop of peach ice cream for the boys to share. Here's Evan saying "cheese" while Greg went inside to get the ice cream.

This was probably the only bite that we were able to give them. They are two years old now and insist on feeding themselves, they wanted to scoop it themselves and feed themselves. They didn't want any help at all from us.

When we got home, we video chatted with Brandi so she could see the boys. It was the first time using Facetime on my iphone and it was really easy, so we'll have to do that more often now. The boys loved it and loved showing Brandi their ball, blocks, etc. After that, the neighbor from across the street came over to give the boys a birthday gift. She is so sweet, she has a daughter who is getting her master's degree from UVA in education and the two came together. She shares a birthday with the boys so she says she'll always remember their birthday. I think it's so sweet that she gives them something. The boys had to show them their new ball and hoop, so they came in and got suckered by the boys into playing with them. The boys had to show them all their toys and tricks. They had the daughter on the floor building blocks with them and everything. :)

We gave the boys bath letters right before bathtime and they loved them. We actually got them several alaphabet things for their birthday. It's something we're working on with them right now, so we figured the more toys and things they had with the ABCs the more likely they were to start learning it.

After we put the boys to bed, Greg and I had some champagne to celebrate making it two years with twins. :)

Then we watched The Hunger Games. It was so long, but really good. I read the books awhile ago and have been dying to see the movie. It came out on Saturday and I checked my Redbox app while we were at Target to see if it any redboxes had it in stock and the one in the same shopping center had it! I was so excited.

I'll do another post on things they got for their birthday, it was present overload for them. We took it easy on gifts this year, but still.... We actually still have one wrapped up in our closet because they were playing so good with what they had we didn't want to bring out more yet. We ended up giving them a couple today that they got from other people. I'll post pictures and stuff on that later. We had a great day with the boys, it was fun for all of us. The boys got so many gifts, cards, and birthday wishes from our friends and family and that was so nice. They are very lucky boys.

I still can't believe we have two year olds. I guess, terrible two's times two--here we come! ;)

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