Thursday, August 23, 2012

Our Week In Iphone Pics

A little random, photo dump of pictures from this week so far.

We took the boys to Lowe's on Sunday and they would not sit in the same cart! They each wanted their own cart. Carter found this toy that I set aside to donate and he's obsessed with it, both boys are, so he brought that and let it share the cart with him.

Evan loves his Leappad from Greg's Aunt Janet. We bought another one because we know this is going to be a favorite around the house.

Both boys LOVE peaches, but Carter does not like them in his yogurt. He seperated all the chunks and wouldn't eat them.

We had our triplet friends over on Monday and the boys were so excited. They wanted to hang out in the front room to watch for them. Haha. And Evan's on the Leappad again.

He looks so comfy.

When the triplets arrived the boys were so happy!

Carter was even clapping. haha. It was cute how excited they were. Evan kept asking about our friends. He'd say "Friends? Where's friends?"

Sometime the only thing the boys need to eat a good meal is to feel like big kids, so I served them their hotdogs like big kids.

We met our friends at Bounce and Play on Wednesday. Now that the boys are 2, they aren't cheap anymore, so we go on Toddler days when they offer reduced rates.

This is the thing that leads to the big kid slide. I have no idea how Evan managed to go up it so many times, but he did. And of course, Carter had to do it, except he couldn't, got stuck and cried and cried. I was afraid to get him, I didn't want to get stuck, but my friend went in and got him. Oh, life with little daredevils.

Greg went out for drinks with a few people from work Wednesday night, which meant that I got to do dinner, bathtime, and bedtime with the boys by myself. So, when he got home and took the boys to the gym, I took a little "me" time" and went shopping. I hit up Yankee Candle and Michael's. I had a coupon and Yankee candle was having a sale, so I was super excited. I love the way our house smells now that I'm burning my new candle.

I got the supplies to make a wreath.

I'm hoping it turns out like this one that I saw on "A Touch of Class". Except in UGA colors, of course. I'll post a picture of the finished wreath.

I hope everybody is having a good week. Greg is off tomorrow, so I'm excited to start our weekend.

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