Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Harrisonburg Trip

Saturday morning, after my mom left, Greg and I were wondering what to do with the boys. It was only 6:30am, so we decided to go to Harrisonburg and visit the children's museum there. We have a membership to Virginia Discovery Museum in Charlottesville, so we can get into the Harrisonburg one for free. We ate breakfasts, got dressed, and left about 8:30 to get there when they opened at 9:30. Other people have said they don't really like the Charlottesville children's museum and that the other ones are much better. Greg thinks the Charlottesville one is boring and "lame". But, I love it, it's somewhere easy for me to take both boys by myself and they really enjoy it, so I think it's great. That was, until we went to the Harrisonburg one.

The Harrisonburg Children's museum is was amazing (and it's not even the favorite among my mom friends--the best one is supposed to be in Lynchburg) When we walked in, the first thing you come to is the special area for children under 3. The boys could have spent hours in that part alone! I took tons of pictures.

There was a huge felt board with blocks you could stick to it, a huge Light Brite (remember those?) and fun car ramp on the wall. (My pictures are out of order, so the "tour" of the museum will be a little random)

Not only was there a train table-which the boys always love, but there was a little train to sit in.

There was an actual ambulance there that the kids could climb in and explore the front and back.

There was a "shop" with play food, a register, baskets, etc.

A tractor, a huge fake cow that you could milk, etc.

Evan and Carter doing a little shopping.

Carter loved the train, he kept going back to it.

There was play kitchen set up with a laundry area, sink, fridge, etc. Everything was smaller and shorter for kids to play.

There was a huge arts and crafts room. The boys loved coloring with markers.

Some more pictures of the toddler room.

A car shop (along with uniforms) and kids could go under the car and "fix" it.

More of the toddler room.

See why I said the boys could have spent hours just in the toddler room?

This was a room full of building things, legos, etc. I think this was better for older kids.

A picture of the play house from the outside.

The cow, tractor, produce stand.

There was more that I didn't even get pictures of that were more for older kids, like a newsroom where they could sit at a desk and see themselves on the tvs in the room.

After the museum, we went to lunch at Qdoba. The weather was nice enough for us to actually sit outside, which I'm sure the entire restaurant was thankful for. The boys weren't bad, but they definitely aren't quiet.

On the way home, we decided to swing by a park that my friend told me about. She said it was the best park. I've been meaning to go, so I figured we'd make a quick stop on the way home and get any energy the boys got from lunch out so they'd take a good nap on the way home. When we pulled up I was shocked, it was HUGE!

This is a picture of the big kid park from the toddler park, the whole area is about twice this size. It's amazing, there's a place for kids to ride their bike, TONS of swings, etc.

The toddler park. Of course, the boys spent about 30 seconds on this and decided to head over to the big kid park.

This is a fun, shaded picnic area and there was a HUGE one on the other side where somebody was hosting a birthday party.

A few of the swings, a hammock, some of the grassy area to play in.

This was a pretty neat place to play ball.

The boys had a blast on the big kid side. They are not scared of slides, no matter how high they are.

I love all the shade that this park had.

Yep, he climbed this. He needed some help from me at first, but he loved it and did it several times.

This was Carter's favorite part, he went over that bridge so many times.

They never slipped, or had any problems, such big boys.

The day in Harrisonburg was so much fun, but we probably should have waiting until next weekend to go. We were both so exhausted from the week and we were really feeling it on the way home. Of course, the boys took a good nap on the drive home and were well rested and ready to play when we got home. :)

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