Sunday, August 26, 2012

Yoder's, Parks, and New Bikes

Thursday was our lazy day around the house. We didn't have anywhere to be, so we just hung around in our pjs all morning. This is what Evan does when he's ready for breakfast, he just goes and sits down and waits.

We snuggled up with the blankets and watched cartoons. I was exhausted and I think the boys were too.

While I took a shower, the boys played in our tub. They love to pile their blankets in there and play around. They found some boxes that they were using as blocks, which I was fine with.

Until I walked in and this was happening. Oh, boys.

I wish these pictures were turned right, but they were having so much fun in our tub.

They brought the blankets downstairs and played in the hallway while I made lunch.

I had to get this picture of Evan, he cannot stand having his hands dirty. I wonder where he gets that from. ;) So, when his hands are dirty and he wants a drink, this is how he picks up his sippy cup so he doesn't get it dirty.

When Greg got home, we decided to go to Yoder's. The weather was so nice, so we decided to get sandwiches there and eat outside at the picnic tables. After we ate, the boys tried out the slides and swings they had for sale.

Evan saying "Cheese" for the camera.  

The boys really loved these swings, I think they could have stayed there all evening.

Friday, Greg had the day off and so he kept Evan while I took Carter to his follow up with his allergist. It was just a routine follow up. They used to have toys in the waiting room and exam rooms but they didn't this time, so I tried to entertain Carter with my phone.

Then, in the exam room, I brought out a new toy that I just happened to grab at the last minute-just in case.

And of course, snacks. We always bring those to any type of appointment we have.

That afternoon after the boys naps, we took them to the park.

We wanted them to run out all their energy so they would sleep good. We had a bbq at one of Greg's coworker's houses. Our babysitter had to cancel, and luckily my friend was able to come over and listen for the boys while we went. It was nice to get out, we left at 7:00 and got home a little before 10:00. It was fun seeing all the people we used to hang out with before we had kids. We had a great time and I was thinking we should do it more often..until I got up the next day. I was exhausted! Normally we're in bed way before 10:00, so maybe we shouldn't do that more often. :)

Greg mowed the grass on Saturday morning. The boys loved watching him, which made my job of watching them so much easier. ;)

I have so many things on my to do lists. Yes, lists--plural. So many things I need to get done and then these come in the mail on Saturday. How am I supposed to be productive knowing these are sitting on the counter needing to be read? So, I just add them to my to do list, so I can check them off after reading them and feel like I was productive.
The boys bikes also came in the mail on Saturday--the one day this week that it rained the ENTIRE day. So, we put them together and the boys had to ride them in the house. The rain seemed like it stopped, so we went outside but had to turn around 2 minutes later because it started up again.
Carter loved "helping" daddy put the bike together. He was so cute, he sat right beside Greg the whole time and tried to help. He even got his plush screwdriver so he could do what Greg was doing.

Evan stole this one and started riding it before Greg finished it. They have push handles on the back that we can remove when they get better at pedaling.

This morning, we went to the Greene County Park. It's become our Sunday morning tradition. The slides were wet from the day before, so we brought towels to dry them off. The boys play so good here, it's never crowded and it's such a great way to start our Sundays.

We bring several trucks for the boys and Carter loves to push them down the slide.

The boys also like to have their morning snack at the picnic benches there.

 Overall, we had a fun and relaxing weekend.

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