Sunday, August 12, 2012

Week 2 Of Croup

Carter came down with croup last Saturday night. My mom arrived Sunday afternoon and Greg and I couldn't be happier to see her. Carter and Evan were pretty good on Sunday, but the rest of the week was a different story.

Monday, I took Carter to the pediatrician to get the same steriod that Evan got on Friday so he'd feel better as soon as possible. Of course, I call and make him an appointment because he sounds awful and is acting miserable, but we get there and he's in great spirits. Here's some pictures I took while we waited for the doctor.

He can't smile for family pictures, but when he has croup and is miserable--he'll smile. Oh, Carter.

I got my days mixed up--they all kinda of blended together. But, one day, either Tuesday or Wednesday the boys were both miserable and fussy. This picture was taken on that day and it was one of the few moments where Carter wasn't fussing.

This is how every day ended. After dinner, the boys wanted to play in the ball pit. They seemed to perk up right before bedtime and they loved that ball pit.

My mom brought watermelon from their garden with her for the boys and they LOVED it!

Evan got his appetite back and there was no stopping him. The boys hadn't had much to eat for 2 weeks, so when he got it back, he wasn't messing around. He ate two hot dogs in one sitting.

Oh, and that sitting? It was before 7am. Can't say that I've ever cooked a hot dog at 6:30am before, but that was what he asked for and I was happy to make it for him.

I have no idea how I got this picture, it's so funny!! He loved that watermelon, but I must have just snapped the picture at the perfect moment while he was chewing, but this picture makes me laugh.

Poor Carter.

The boys love having bites of Greg's cereal when he's eating. When I came down on Saturday morning, I found Evan in his high chair with his own bowl of cereal. If you know Greg, you know this was surprising. He HATES mess, I still have to get on him about feeding the boys stuff (that they are very capable of feeding themselves, even if they do make a mess) so I was very proud of him that he actually gave him cereal (with milk) in his own bowl.

My mom and I didn't have much extra time this week. The boys took up almost every minute of this week, but Greg got off early on Friday and the boys were feeling a lot better, so he took them to the store with him and we were able to get this quick Pinterest project done. It took like, 5 minutes, to turn a regular mason jar into a portable cup. I LOVE it.

I'm so thankful my mom came up this week. Not only did she come up and help with the boys--she brought food with her! We had homemade philly cheesesteaks for two nights. Yum!! She also brought some deep fried turkey that made the best turkey sandwhiches. I know that I couldn't have handled two sick boys by myself the entire week. I'm glad that they started to feel better before she left so she could see them act like their old selves.

I"m so glad that the boys are feeling better. It's been a long two weeks of croup.

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