Friday, August 17, 2012

Our Week In Pictures

We started off our week with our multiples playdate on Monday. We had a new member join our weekly playdates recently and this was the first time we've been to her house. She has twin boys that will turn 3 in October, so they had all kinds of fun "boy" toys that Evan and Carter just loved.

Here they are in the playroom.

The boys loved this playhouse.

We took the boys to get haircuts this week. I didn't get any pictures at the salon, but here's some before pictures of the boys hair.

We got "Elmo Says Bye Bye to the Pacifier" Here's Carter watching it, with his pacifier. I hope this dvd helps make it easier for the boys to get rid of their pacifiers.

Carter woke up from his nap before Evan, so he ate his snack on the counter while I got "Forgotten Chicken" ready for dinner. (I'll do a post on that recipe later).

I took the boys to the mall today to meet a friend and her two girls.

The pool turned ball pit is still in our house. The boys love to play in it after dinner every single night. It takes up so much room and the balls go everywhere, so I'm hoping it loses its appeal soon.

I had to get some pictures of the boys during their bath tonight. I wanted a few pictures of our last moments with them as 23 month olds. Tomorrow, our babies will be 2!!

So Cute!!!!

They love bubbles. We used them for the first time at the hotel at the beach last month and they ask for them every night now.

I was trying to get Carter to look at me so I could take his picture and Evan goes "Cheese!!" and makes this face. haha! I LOVE IT!!! I got a video of it that I posted at the end of this because I just couldn't get enough, it was the cutest thing to me.

My sweet little 23 month olds.

Here's the video of Evan going "Cheese!" Besides the fact that you need a dramamine to watch this since I turned the phone sideways half way through filming, it's soooo cute!

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