Monday, August 20, 2012

Greene County Park

Sunday mornings, if the weather is nice, we try and take the boys to the park. We like going early before it gets too hot and it's nice to have the entire park to ourselves. These pictures were taken last weekend when we went.

The boys love the "big kid" swings now.

We brought some inexpensive Dollar Tree trucks and stuff for them to play outside with. We brought them to the park and the boys had a blast playing with them in the mulch and pushing them down the slides.

This park is in such a beautiful area.

It's so peaceful when we go early in the morning before anybody else is there. I love it.

We stopped at Sheetz and got donuts for the boys and a coffee for us. We're trying to enjoy all the local things around here that we wouldn't get to do if we were to say...move to Georgia. ;)

Carter did NOT like the boston cream donut. I love the expression on his face.

So the boys split an orange creamsicle donut. Evan had to have a fork.

Greg and I split a frozen chocolate bananas mocha with skim milk. They are so good!! You can get them with decaf coffee and when I was pregnant, I'd get one of these on the way to work several times a week.

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