Wednesday, July 23, 2014

First T-Ball Game

Saturday morning the boys had their first T-ball game. The parents are encouraged to be in the field to help and encourage their kids. They don't count outs, every player gets a chance to hit the ball when that team is up to bat, it's a fun way for kids to learn about the sport and really enjoy it.

The boys were not feeling a picture before the game. I don't know how two boys can be so excited but look so grumpy in a picture, they were happy--I swear.

They started off with some warm up drills until the game started.

Greg got picked to help out and he did such a great job. He got really into it, he had said he didn't want to coach this season but maybe another sport another season (specifically basketball) but this ended up being so much more hands on than we expected. Greg was happy to help out and did a great job with the kids. When I envisioned the boys playing sports, this is what I saw, the boys having fun, Greg helping out and everybody just having a good time.

The kids are so cute, they're all new to this and some have some really good skill when it comes to batting or throwing, but overall, they're all just learning the basics but they're so eager and it's very sweet to watch.

The boys team, the Raptors, were up to bat first.

The boys waiting their turn to bat, watching their teammates.

Evan's first time up to bat. The kids get 3 chances to hit the ball that the coach throws them, and then they get out the tball stand and let them hit the ball that way, but the turn isn't over until the kid hits the ball.

Video of Evan Batting

Evan did really good. We got the boys a tball set for Easter a couple of years ago and he's always loved hitting the ball off that, both boys like it, but Evan's always been more into that than Carter. He ended up hitting a ball that the coach threw. They only run to 1st base unless it's the last batter, then they run all the bases.

Oh, Carter. Bless his heart, I think he got his batting skills from his mama. He swings that bat like I did when we played softball in high school PE.
Video of Carter batting. I think it's funny when the ball drops and all the kids come running for it at the end.

After they all had a chance to hit the ball, the teams switched and it was the Raptor's turn in the outfield.

The boys did pretty good getting the ball and throwing it to first base. I think it's harder to keep all the kids focused when they're in outfield, but they did pretty good.

Greg at first base, helping the kids, telling them when to run, when to stop.

Evan and Carter have a boy on their team that went to their preschool and was on their soccer team, so that's nice. I think after awhile, we're going to start recognizing a lot of the same kids from season to season.

Evan up to bat for the second time.

This is what the other boys were doing while they were waiting for their turn to bat. Oh, boys.

I'm afraid to say that I think Carter started this craziness.

And then, they were all doing it. I guess there's worse things they could be doing while waiting for their turn.

Evan running the bases.

Carter up to bat again.

The kids all gave high fives after the game, which is cute to watch.

Then, the most important part of any kids game--the snack. It's so funny how excited the kids get about this, no matter what it is, they think it's the best thing ever.


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