Thursday, July 31, 2014

Park Play Date

Wednesday after swim practice, the boys and I went to the park with my friend and her daughter, Taylor. The weather was perfect, it's been really mild here this week plus, we went to a park that had a ton of shade. There's a splash park, two different playgrounds and several little things like a merry-go-round, monkey bars, swings, etc. to do. The kids had a blast. The boys are still napping every day and they've been napping almost every day this summer, but especially since we started swim lessons, they've been exhausted. Well, the kids had so much fun, we stayed for over two hours, well into nap time.

The boys love the monkey bars and I think these are my favorite out of any park we've been to. They're low enough to the ground that I don't have a heart attack watching them but they still get to play and climb on them.

Carter spent the most time at the splash pad. I think this splash pad is the best free one in Augusta, and that's kinda sad. But, Evan and Taylor were much more interested in the playgrounds, so Carter played over here for a long while by himself, then got bored with it.

Evan did join him for a little bit. Maybe the water was just too cold because it wasn't that warm out.

The boys spent most of the time on the merry go round. Taylor and Evan discovered it and then Carter eventually wandered over and got in on it. They had everybody and anybody pushing them on that thing--moms, grandparents, older kids, etc. Those kids were working anybody that came near them.

Then the boys went over to this thing to play for awhile. I think that they both think it's a treadmill because they kept saying that they were exercising. They've seen treadmills at the gym when we pass them and we always point out that that's the area that mommy and daddy workout while they're in the kid zone, so I guess they were listening.

We decided to walk over to the turtle pond before leaving to check them out. Taylor hadn't seen it before. Evan insisted that Taylor hold his hand.

How cute is that!? So sweet. They all went down there and saw all the turtles and fish and then we went home. On the way home, the boys were so concerned with Taylor in the 3rd row of our van. Evan kept asking "How are you doing back there" then they invited her over so they could share their pineapple with her. They each had a small bowl left and they each wanted to give her half of it, which I thought was so sweet, so Melissa and Taylor came in for awhile when we got back to my house.

Greg ended up pulling in right when we did, so the kids had their pineapple snack and then played, for about 2 hours while Greg, Melissa, and I sat and talked. We've all known each other since 1999, so we go way back and it was fun talking about old times and catching up. The boys and Taylor played so good, they basically entertained themselves that entire time. Our afternoon playdate was so much fun, it kind of makes me sad that summer is coming to an end and school's about to start.

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