Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Play Dates and Surgery

Monday, the boys and I had a play date with my friend and her daughter. I've been friends with Melissa since high school and we haven't been getting together nearly enough since I moved back. Her daughter, Taylor, is 2 years older than the boys, but that's close enough in age that we have plenty of things to do that they'll all enjoy. So, Monday morning, Melissa and Taylor came over and we loaded in my van and went to the slash park.

We ended up staying almost 3 hours. The kids had a blast.

The boys spent most of the time on the splash pad. They'd go over to the park for a little bit, but it was so hot that they'd come back to the splash pad to cool off.

Taylor spent most of her time on the park, but the park and splash pad are set up that Melissa and I were able to stand in the middle and chat while keeping an eye on all the kids.

A rare moment where all 3 kids were on the park at the same time.

The boys are in their last week of their summer program. Thursday is the last day. They start school on August 8th, so about 3 weeks off. But, they'll be staying busy with swim lessons, tball, and play dates. The boys were not interested in taking a picture together Tuesday morning.

Carter and several other kids in his class are obsessed with searching for bugs on the playground. I think it was the first or second day when I picked him up that he told me they had found roly pollies (is that plural for poly?) and ever since, there's a huge group looking for bugs every day that I pick them up. He normally likes to play on the park when we get to school early, but this morning he decided to look for bugs.

Evan got out some energy before I dropped them off at class.

After dropping the boys off, I met my mom at my house and she took me to have my second dental surgery. I'm getting an tooth implant and it's done over a few visits. Greg picked up the boys from school and took today off, so I could relax and recover. My dad's having knee replacement surgery today, so my mom is at the hospital with him. Greg brought me a milkshake to eat for lunch. I've been trying really hard the past 4-5 weeks to eat healthy and make it to the gym, so this was a nice treat. I had to fast until my surgery at 11:00, so having this around 1:30 counted as breakfast and lunch. :)
While I was eating my delicious Cook Out milkshake, this baby got delivered. I've been wanting one for awhile and I'm so excited. It's perfect timing, so instead of eating my weight in ice cream while I'm recovering, I'm reading up on how to use this, I'm hoping to be able to start working out again on Saturday.

Nothing much is up today. The pain is a lot better than yesterday, but I'm still having to take the pain medicine, which is actually the main reason Greg took off today. The side effects of the medicine I'm on make me pretty much useless around here, so Greg and the boys are having a boys day with trips to the gym, mall and pool.

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  1. I am SO jealous about the splash pad. They had to close ours all summer because we are in a drought in California. It was so nice last summer to be able to go do something with the kids on days when it was 90 or 100. Now we're stuck in the house. Boo!