Sunday, July 13, 2014

Tball and Monkey Joes

While we were at Hoppy Feet on Wednesday, I ran into another mom who's son was on the boys' soccer team. She told me how she signed her son up for indoor tball. I've been on the fence all summer about putting the boys into that, but just never did it. She talked highly of it, so we decided to enroll the boys, their first practice was Thursday. The boys were so excited.

This was about as good as I could get before we left the house.

They were being so silly.

The tball is at Wesley Methodist church, a church that we like a lot and have been to a few time. It's indoors, which is nice because it's way to hot to be outside playing tball right now.

The boys were not having their "first tball practice picture" they were not interested.

This was the best I got.

Look at the expression on Carter's face, he's such a stinker!!

The other kids on their team seem to be about the same skill level as the boys, which is nice. We worked on rolling the ball, catching, throwing, swinging the bat, and running the bases.

The practice started and ended with stretches. When the coach divided everybody up so they could all be working on different things, she sent Carter to go roll/catch the ball and Evan got up to go with him and she said "Oh, Evan, maybe you can go....." and he said "We're brothers, we stick together" (as he was holding his hand) it was really cute. I've been on the fence about letting them be in the same class last year and I finally decided last week that I wanted them in the same class, that's a whole other post, but seeing how much they wanted to be with each other helped solidify my decision for me.

The boys favorite part was running the bases.

And of course, snack time. So, we went to the Thursday practice this week, but the boys will actually be on a different team, so started next week, we'll meet on Tuesdays from 5:45-6:30 for practice and on Saturdays (starting on the 19th) for games. The last game will be on August 9th, so it's not a super long season, but it's a great start and way to get them exposed to another sport.

Friday, we went to the gym and when we came home, I let the boys use chalk on the sidewalk. They've been wanting to do it for awhile, so I got it out and said they could do it for as long as they like.

But, they started off with snacks.

The boys love drawing.

Then a random cat came up on our porch and the boys were in love.

Here they are asking her if she'd please draw with chalk with them. Haha. They wanted her to play with them so bad. It was so precious.

Then, we worked on an octopus craft. I had plans to make jellyfish out of paper plates, but when I went to pick them up from school on Thursday, they had already made them!

Friday afternoon, we were going to drive to Aiken, SC to go to a splash park, but it started raining and was really cloudy, so we took them to Monkey Joes instead. We had a coupon and the boys ended up having a blast.

They played hard for almost 2 hours. They were worn out when we got home.

Next week is a busy week, the boys have their last week of summer program, I'm getting a minor dental surgery, the boys have t-ball and then start swim lessons on the 21st. Lots of fun, summery things to keep us busy (except for the surgery, that's not so fun)

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