Friday, July 25, 2014

Muddy Boys

Wednesday after swim lessons, we went home and I filled up the boys pools and let them play in the back yard. They played for a couple hours out there. I got out their water sprayers and they just had a blast. They started filling them up and squirting them into this small hole in our yard that they like to fill up with water and create mud.

They'd fill the sprayers up, go dump them, run back, and do it all over again.

They also used the sprayers to get their playground wet, spray the trees, and Carter even sprayed a pretty design on the fence and told me he "painted me a picture"

Filling up.

They got one of their outdoor trucks out and started playing in the little mud hole. They had the best time playing in the mud, I don't know if they've ever actually played in mud before. I specifically making mud pies with my cousin Holly when I was a kid and having so much fun. So, I let them play in the mud and get dirty and they just loved it. So much so, that I took enough pictures that I felt I needed to a separate blog post just for this. :)

We have a lot to do with our grass, we have some fertilizing and stuff to do (so please don't judge the grass) But it is cut, thanks to me. ;) I have officially taken over cutting the grass.

The weather was a little iffy the whole time we were out there, it'd be sunny, then get really cloudy, but it never did end up raining.

The boys actually played well the entire two hours we were outside with no fighting, which was nice.
They were in their own little world, just playing and talking, so I took a couple of videos of them. I don't take enough videos of them and I want to remember how they talked and the things they said, their mannerisms, etc. So, I took a few of them playing out there. They're probably super boring to anybody but me, but I wanted them with this post instead of just random videos on my youtube page. I like having them with the pictures and stories that go along with the video.

Look at Evan's dirty face. I had gone and sat down, so I zoomed in with my camera to get some more muddy shots of them.


Then, they started rubbing it all over each other. They were such a mess by the time they got done. I hosed them off, but because some of the mud had dried in the sun, I ended up having to put them in my shower and clean them off real good.

I just loved this afternoon with them. I loved that they are able to play outside for as long as they are. I love how creative they are in coming up with different games to play together. I love them getting to do the things that I loved doing as a kid. It was just fun and I thought they were being so cute, I'm glad that I got a ton of pictures of it and videos of it. It seems like no big deal-they're outside playing in the yard, but this was just one of those times that I think "this is what I thought it'd be like when I decided to stay at home with them" getting to be apart of this.
Well, that's enough sappy, feely stuff, the reason we went in after two hours was because they went around the side of the house for about 90 seconds, before I ran around to see what they were doing and they had taken the dryer vent off and was shoving mud in the dryer tube. Just in case anybody thought I was being too mushy and talking about just how perfect everything was. Haha, these two keep me on my toes.

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