Monday, July 14, 2014

Weekend Wrap Up, PNO and Aiken

Saturday night, we took the boys to Parents night out at the Y. The boys enjoy this as much as we do and ask to go back all week. Here's a quick picture before they unlocked the doors and let us in.

Greg and I went to Chili's and ordered off the Lighter Choice menu. I'm so proud of us for being good on our date.

We normally go out and get ice cream after dinner on our date nights, but we've been trying to eat healthier lately. We went by Sonic and Greg got a small vanilla cone and I got a diet sprite with diet cherry in it. I was very proud of myself for not getting ice cream.

I got a route 44 and sipped on it long after we picked up the boys and put them to bed.

The boys had gone outside during PNO and played with chalk, so when we picked them up, they had to show us all the drawings.

I've been trying to do more crafts with the boys this summer. They do a craft every day at their summer program and they are always so happy to show it to me when I pick them up. So, we've started working on crafts at home. I pinned several easy crafts on Pinterest and have a ton of holiday themed ones for this winter when we need some craft time. The boys made an octopus out of a toilet paper roll this week. It was so easy and cheap and they loved it.

Sunday, we drove up to Aiken, South Carolina to go to a splash pad. Another mom in my moms group told me about it and it was only a 45 minute drive, so we figured we'd check it out. The ones in Augusta are small and most just have water squirting out of the ground, so we were hoping for something a little more interactive. This one was small but had a lot to do and the boys had a blast.

It was sports themed and had a pool, which the boys loved. All the kids that were there were really well behaved, too.

There was a large squirt gun that you could point and shoot water out of.

I packed the boys a lunch for them to have there.

I have no idea why this yellow thing was so fun, but after the boys started playing with this, it was all they played with until we left. They loved this thing. The water didn't come out all the time, just every few seconds, so the boys loved waiting for it and squealing when it came out.

It's all fun and games until somebody gets hurt. Carter slipped and scratched up his knees and foot. And if you know Carter, you know he is very dramatic when he gets hurt. Evan came over and saw the blood and said "We have an emergency, somebody call a doctor!" So, I guess we have two very dramatic boys. ;) Luckily, I had 4 bandaids with me and was able to put one on all of the scratches, but after this, Carter was done. But, we spent a good hour there and the boys had a blast.

We loved the splash park we took the boys to in Charlottesville, it was big and had lots to do. The ones here just aren't as good. I did a little research and found out that Columbia has 13 splash pads, so the boys and I may be making some day trips to Columbia before school starts to check some out.

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  1. The Splash Pad looks fun!! I remember the ones in Augusta being more like fountains than fun pads.